Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • return em and buy mine, you will get a stonking price :)

  • I've successfully used 8mm copper washers instead of the Rockshox ones without dying. Probably got loads left if you want a few, although I think a bag of 25 cost about £2 on eBay

  • the use of an air chamber for ramp up was good because it didn't impact travel in the same way that a token did.

    That's not my understanding of how this works - am I wrong?

    the MRP ramp up doesn't as sudden as the ramp up using tokens. I think the thing to remember is that air is compressible, where as volume tokens aren't.

    You can get a double chamber positive spring for your Helm BTW, or any mid to top range fork by RS or Fox - https://www.chickadeehill.de/

  • I’m now very interested, forks I ordered as in stock are really out of stock until late June aka a week after all my races are done! I’ll pm you

  • Is anyone riding Macavalanche next month at Fort William?

  • Interesting. Will note for next time.

    I ended up grabbing a full lowers service kit as the washers needed postage paying, and so thought I might as well just add some foam rings, at which point I was only a £10er off a full kit with free postage. It's how they get you - I only needed two tiny washers but spent £23.

  • Am I right to think if you run an insert you can run lower pressure and worry less about burping or is that not true?
    I’d like to get my back tyre softer but being 89kg I always feel I need to run quite high pressure but then get bumped around a lot! When I ran softer it felt great but then I burped the tyre off

  • Yes. Less chance of burping and less squirm. More chance of wanting to kill someone when fitting.

  • Sounds like some fun I'm missing out on.

  • This is what mechanics are for!
    He’ll love me, last week I got him to fit Schwalbe marathons

  • last week I got him to fit Schwalbe marathons

    A thousand curses upon you

  • Yes. Less chance of burping and less squirm. More chance of wanting to kill someone when fitting.

    Wheel building and tyre+insert fitting are the only things I get my LBS to do these days.

  • Did someone mention inserts?

    I weigh 70kg these days and I've run 10psi and did not burp with inserts.

  • Depends on the inserts though. The xc size Vittoria Airliner doesnt't seem to support sidewalls much, but I haven't had problems with burbing even without them and they don't make istalling tyres difficult either. So I'd say they just protect the rim. Huck Norris I'd expect to be even more so.

  • I read about xc specific inserts and they seem less effective for a 40-50g weight saving. Since I’m already 90ish kg I think I’d take a weight penalty in exchange for full protection? Being able to have a softer rear tyre would probably have meant I’d have enjoyed and finished Cannock marathon last week!

  • Any xc trails I could get to quickly from like Taplow or Maidenhead area? Just thinking about options if I jump on a <1hr train and head west from home. Wanna get this GrInbred setup.

  • Swinley or Bracknell forest no good? They must only be an hour out west on the train

  • Any one got a 130mm or 140mm Lyrik/Yari air spring spare?
    Don’t mind if it’s B1 or C1.

  • Any one got a 130mm or 140mm

    For the briefest of moments, I thought you were going to say 'stem' D:

  • You apparently pay 10k for mtbs with stems like that these days

  • Good job that's too small for Neil

  • While I’m here, Yari forks going for £300 on crc
    if anyone needs new forks for a decent price.

  • What are you selling and what's the stonkz?

  • Neither really easy from the Ealing-Reading lines.
    Trailforks has fuck all directly west.

  • Had a look, but I can't find anything that doesn't involve going out further west, or going back through the city first :-/

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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