Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • "Offset bushings definite no-no."

    According to Cy, you can't.

  • :(

  • What's the forum recommendation for a cheapish full bouncer (trail not downcountry)? 27 not 29.

  • Quite hard to find a budget trail bike in 27.5 flava nowadays unless you are really quite small.

    Perhaps the Trek Remedy 7 but that is definitely pushing the downcountry end of trail

  • Need to start looking for junior.. I think he will have outgrown his current xs hardtail this time next year.

  • Offset bushings

    @Howard U ok hun?

    @Eejit I take back everything I said then!

    @TooTallTim ask Cotic, they're customer service is totally on point. Just for reference my shock is 190X50mm.

  • Trek Fuel EX in S comes with a 27.5 option

  • Alright folks, I have been smashing my 26" downhill rig (The Orange Blood from a few pages ago at inners) around for years, and it is great fun around Scotland and Northern England, but not so good in the SE!

    So I just bought a new bike! Its a Lapierre Zesty 650b from a few years ago and is exactly what I was after. Pretty cheap price, 150 front and rear, its got a dropper and lock out front and rear. Pretty sweet for £850.

    To my horror though, the Shimano Deore brakes have been swapped out and replaced with some £50 a set Clarks rubbish. I went back to the photos, and it was my fault, they were on there, I just didnt notice. Subsequently I was wondering if anyone had a set of shimano hydraulic brakes for sale? I am sort of after Deore/SLX/XT kinda thing.

    I was also wondering if anyone had any DMR V8, V12 or Vaults to sell. Only considering the more modern shape for the pedals.

    Lastly, has anyone got a single 27.5 x 2.6/2.7/2.8 Maxxis Minion or High Roller?

    Happy to cycle and collect from most of London. Thanks all!

  • How strict are the general population in the Lake District to mountain biking where its "forbidden"?

    How do people from countries of freedom know where is verboten and where isn't? OS maps only?

  • The UK is really good at putting signs on things where it's not really required, and then ignoring them, only for them to be occasionally upheld by a lone vigilante.

    Speaking from experience - I rode all the way to Bolton Abbey from Bradford and when I got there there were plenty of signs saying "no cycling", which I cordially ignored, and no one said anything. Was really nice riding actually, the path on the top of the cliff was good fun. Beyond there to Burnsall was gate hell.

  • You're supposed to bunnyhop the gates

  • They need to get some of those ladder ramps they have in the US so the imaginary cattle stay where they're supposed to then we don't need stop every 50 meters to fart about with a gate.

  • I imagine that would contradict the no cycling rules

  • Was getting a bit a head of myself wasn't I.

  • Can you point me in the direction of the 18th green?

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  • "Golfwankeeeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!"

  • Is there a shoe anti-porn thread?

  • Potentially interested in those cords if for sellz

  • I really enjoy riding my hardcore hardtail but on some trails it's very hard work and the arm pump gets crazy and I start to think about getting another bike...
    I'm 6'5" and I'm now riding 27.5" so I'm thinking about getting a 29" hardtail (marino or cotic or so) or just say fuck it and buy something like a trek slash.
    What do you guys think?

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  • Had an enduro 29 (YT Capra Pro Race) and a "hardcore hardtail" (Kingdom Vendetta 29) at the same time and when it came time to sell one it was a no brainer.

    Like you say, riding a HT on stuff like in your photos can be fun, sometimes, but its hard work. Like getting beaten. Full squish bikes are generally fun everywhere but the very tamest, flattest trails.

    The Vendetta was a lovely thing but I dont miss it for one second as I like steep and rough stuff. In conclusion, if its one MTB you want, go full bounce. There are varying degrees of bounciness after all.

  • Hmm interesting! Thanks!

  • If you are in a position to have both, then that’s great - I’m lucky enough to have a 150mm fork’d hard tail and a 150 (soon to be 160) fork/135mm rear full suspension bike, and I really enjoy riding the same trails on both of them as they bring out different elements.

    If you are going to have one bike then I’d go with the most flexible, which would be as Stoo says.

  • Personally I'm wondering whether having a second rigid 29er is a silly idea.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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