Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • It's in two time zones at the same time so it's hard to tell

  • Got the train up to cheshunt and rode down to Chingford before work.

    The first part on the bridleways was a nightmare and I have up and went on the roads until I got to Epping forest then had a nice ride on the gravel tracks. Highly recommended, I fancy doing more rides here in the mornings for sure 😃

  • Anybody got a toolbox full of dub spacers per chance?

    Did you get any??

    I've realised I'm spaced all wrong... I need a 3mm dub spacer, can anyone oblige?

  • Are these the same across different BB's? I've got some spacers left over from a rival bsa install. 2 internal ones and a 2mm and 4.5mm external.

  • I've realised I'm spaced all wrong... I need a 3mm dub spacer, can anyone oblige?

    They come in different sizes?! FFS.

    No, but if I do before you I'll toss one over the border.

  • The answer, clearly, is Shimano.

  • Thank you but sadly they are 29mm inner diameter and specific to sram bb’s

  • Yeah different widths, I’m sure the dub bb on one of my bikes came with a few different ones in the box, but of course I can’t find them anywhere

  • You know fine well the answer is a combination of Shimano and Sram

    My xx1slx hybrid has been faultless btw

  • Sorry I meant SRAM dub bsa BB, if that makes a difference.

  • Ah sorry I’d misunderstood

    I’d take the 2mm one please!

    If @yeahdext doesn’t need the 4.5mm I’d take that too

  • Mine also. Shimano crank/BB/ring/chain/cassette though.

  • Yeah same here, nothing sram other than the derailleur.
    Went to great expense buying a north shore billet HG12 tooth profile chainring that could be mounted to my xx1 cranks on the 5010. But I’ve since sacked off the 5010 and turned my nomad into my everyday bike.
    Race face make a cheap and heavy steel chain ring with proper HG12 teeth - £20 versus £70ish for the NSB. Race face one weighs about the same as a small child though.

  • Anyone riding a steps ep8 on mtb?

    I want to get my wife a hardtail ebike. We have a Bosch CX performance bike right now, and that thing is great. Ideally I'd get a hardtail with that, then we have two batteries.

    Anyone got a suggestion on a small hardtail ebike?

  • There are a few at the Woods in Lyndhurst you could go and have a go on in the New Forest. Fairly easy to get there from London and back, you could give them a ring and see if they can help.

    Surrey Hills cycle hire are renting them out too https://surreyhillscyclehire.co.uk/hire/­

    I've seen a few Cube ebikes around, people seem to like them.

  • Yeah I'm one of those people on here that isn't in London. Will look at cube, thanks.

    Do need to test an ep8 to see how it is to CX performance.

  • Cool, PM your address. Unless @yeahdext want's all/any of them, as he asked first.

  • You’re right, I’ve barged in on him here, apologies @yeahdext!

    Thank you, but I’ve went ahead and ordered the spacer I need. A 2mm would have still left it not quite right.

  • Anyone able to report on how boggy Surrey is at the moment? Best to stick to Swinley?

  • Swinley

    Wet pebbles.

  • Question for @skinny ; what’s the MTBing like around Girona? What sort of trails are there predominantly?

  • All sorts. A few enduro, some more mtb singletrack stuff and then lots of double track. Its all rough, loose, unkempt, like old walking tracks. You'd not get bored.

  • A mate is test riding this hope hb130 today. I’m in love! What a beauty
    Costs twice what I sold my high spec family car for though

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  • Swinley is (all things being relative) very dry at the moment. Only the odd puddle.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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