Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Endura Humvee trousers for sale in the…for sale thread

  • CRC have some good deals on Fox 34s at the moment, they've also got some classic Marzocchis.

  • Only on weird sizes no one ones. Well I couldn't see any decent boost 130mm 29er

  • Anyone know what conditions at Swinley are like at the mo? Might head down there with youngest tomorrow.

  • Only on weird sizes no one ones.


    Yes, you missed the £300 Pikes a month or so ago. They fitted your brief perfectly and i'm happily running some on my Tallboy :) Keep looking though, there seems to be a lot of 2019/2020 OEM stock being dumped right now. It's nice to not be paying retail again....

  • Anyone know what conditions at Swinley are like at the mo?

    As it's all sandy soil round that way the trails are pretty much always ridable unless they are doing tree felling in which case there are some localised bits of the trails that will be shut.

    Unless it's raining on the day it will be absolutely fine. Light rain on the day will be fine, in heavy rain you get some puddles and it tends to be a bit of a bike wrecker (sand) but it's still almost all ridable, unlike say Epping or anywhere with clay or chalk soil.

  • It's wet in places with some puddles on the blue flat sections.

  • Ta both.

  • Yeah didn't need anything then sadly.

  • I meant to organise a trip to BPW last month and didn't - November is a bit of a risk weather wise, but would people be interested in a trip?

  • I think you'll find that Wales itself is a bit of a risk weather wise

  • DBAD comment about SE having better options than Bedgebury (which is very convenient for me, what with churros and coffee) - what are the alternative recommendations?

  • Yea will hire an e-bike again

  • Only on weird sizes no one ones

    Changing the air spring isn't a huge job, also I'd be prepared to service an air spring on any new fork if you didn't buy it from a tuner, due to them all coming with a port blocking glob of grease on the top of the piston.

  • Yea will hire an e-bike again

    Weekday or weekend?

  • Weekday better I reckon

  • Yea will hire an e-bike again

    You're old enough for it to be acceptable to buy one now.

  • This is true. They are bloody spendy though!

  • I'm sure it's fine for a little spin if you live nearby but it would take @amey just over an hour to drive there, and roughly the same to Dorking. The Surrey Hills are SO MUCH BETTER.

  • Oh, no doubt - I'm just not far enough north to have ever considered the Surrey Hills SE!
    I was worried I was missing out on some bomber secret stuff...

  • I'm a member of Bedgebury, I like it - used to get there (pre-Covid) in time for the Hunters Breakfast, do a loop and have a coffee+cake, maybe another loop, more coffee and then head home. It's the sort of circuit that literally anyone can ride, on any bike - it would probably not be a barrel of laughs on a TT bike but you could do it.

    With that said, there are some fun, very short descents - you just need to hit them fast enough to make them fun.

    As I said, I like the place - it's somewhere to go when you don't want to have to concentrate on your riding.

    Surrey Hills is SW from me, and if going in that direction you also have Rotate and Queen Mary Country Park, although being made out of chalk QMCP will be "interesting" going into winter.

    Heading W there's Swinley, and if you keep going Windhill, BPW etc.

  • I asked Cotic if I'd die in a fiery ball of flames if I coiled my FlareMax. They didn't categorically say I would, just that I probably shouldn't.

    Wish me luck.

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  • There's a Canyon bike hire place in Denbies wine nr Box Hill . They had ebikes and MTBs.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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