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  • I rode at Peaslake today, I'd do a couple of runs and then change the pressure in my fork a little - experimenting with the Secus. It's interesting, I'm also experimenting with the compression damping (I have both high and low speed controls), again gradually trying to dial it in.

    I think I want a little less high speed compression damping, and maybe a touch lower pressure, but it's quite interesting experimenting.

    How much damping do you chaps generally run for somewhere like the Surrey Hills?

  • Can confirm; Surrey Hills are damp.

  • Tbh I’m finding them quite dry (given the amount of rain we have had) but very sandy- my drivetrain graunches almost immediately

  • It works that way on the top valve, but the bottom one is super long and doesn't close as fast. Something to do with feeding both chambers at the same time. Any way my new 600 psi pump did the trick. Also my 15 year old pump had a 20psi accuracy.

  • How much damping do you chaps generally run for somewhere like the Surrey Hills?

    Shock. Almost no HSC. LSC, HSR, and LSR about halfway to give some platform for pumping and pedalling.

    That's how TF set it after talking with them, and I've felt absolutely no need to mess with it since then. I don't notice it's there, it just gets on with its job

    Fork wise, still trying to work that out. I've just discovered my Lyrik LSC does pretty much fuck all until the HSC is half closed.

  • How much do you weigh and what pressure are you running? @Dammit asked the question that also interests me!

  • 75kg-ish, somewhere between 150-155psi on a CC DBAir IL. Lyriks I'm experimenting between 75-85psi with zero to one token. Much prefer the feel of no tokens and 80psi, I think

  • 79ish and 105 psi in my Lyrik, but Secus.

  • Thanks guys.. I'm about 74kgs (I think).. Pike at 80ish.. I'm going to try zero HSC with a bit of LSC tomorrow. I don't think there are any tokens in my fork (probably due a service to find out).

  • I can't remember my token situation, I want to say there's one in there but that is literally a guess if I'm honest.

    I had three clicks of LSC and one of HSC, but when I backed it all off to zero didn't notice a huge difference - maybe because that's not enough to really become apparent, don't know. Will continue to bugger about with it.

  • I'm still on the lookout for a pair (or rear) 29er qr disc wheels 100/135 Shimano HG fit. Thanks.

  • Finally decided my Rocket Ron needed moving off the rear now we’re in sloppy season. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible at mud clearance (read: it’s slick) and the grip isn’t the worst but it was decided when I nabbed a Hans Dampf off of Merlin for £30 the other night.

    So thanks to my modern bike having decent clearances at both ends I’ve now got a Nobby Nic - off the front - on the back and the new Hans Dampf up front. A whopping 2.35 now at each end.

    Took for a spin yesterday. Capable combo. Would buy again.

  • That’s what I’ve been running on my XC wheelset - roll fast, fairly capable, prone to punctures, now waiting replacement due to the sidewalls being past the point where I look at the cuts and say “she’ll be right”.

  • I rode Hans Dampf front and Nobby Nic rear today on UK Gravel (bogs everywhere). Worked well.

  • Top tip (and one that's probably already been covered here); silicone spray on the stanchions and tops of the wiper seals makes everything feel way nicer. Considerably less stiction, softer top end. I bought a can of Lidl's finest the other day as a test, works so well. Went back to get another can and it's been cleared out, bloody panic buyers I assume

  • Don't forget about the dropper stanchion.

  • Oh yeah, did that too, obvz

  • Hans Dampf // Nobby Nic


  • Just received an alp kit catalogue i. the mail: there’ a feature on the PBW, the guy did it over two days i think. When i tried i couldn’t do, there was so much that was so hard to ride (up). Plus I got lost at one point. Aaaanyway, it’s woken an urge to give it another crack. Any experiences?

  • There's product called Hyperwiper that does the same job but is less messy to apply.

  • It's also 18x more expensive

  • Yeah, you'll probably get 10 years out of one bottle though.

  • True!

    Long shot, dont suppose anyone has a Cane Creek Valt (or similar) coil knocking about? Something 450-500lbs, 2.5"

  • Me too! I live quite near Hayfield so I wondered about doing 3 days with a short first day to near my house, sleep at home, then two bigger days.
    Was there any specific areas you struggled with? Once it goes north of Manchester I don’t know it at all but I’d say up to there it’s all just about rideable

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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