Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Copy my bike… Copy my car. 🧐

    Also have a want list:
    Boost 29 wheels

    What have you lot got??

  • Copy my bike…

    pfft... If it wasn't for my rather excellent recommendation you'd be snapping a 2021 Blur around about now :)
    I'd probably swap my car for your Tallboy tbh.
    I'm convinced the AC blows out smelly air, like wet dog smelly. I'd thought maybe the previous owner had a dog and it was the carpets but no amount of valeting gets rid of it. Is this known Volvo issue? Has there been a recall?

  • Try sticking a new cabin filter in. Shouldn't be too pricy.

  • And check your sunroof drains...

    I know it's humid up there (read: Wet, constantly raining etc) but with single digit temperatures all year round do you even need it? 😂

    Car thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • No sun roof and it smells with the AC off too 🤷♀️ Smell is more apparent after it’s been raining.
    Will change filter and see.
    Anyway, soz for thread detail

  • What's a good shock/fork pump? Something that doesn't let 30psi out when you detach it.

    EDIT: Ordered rock shox 600 psi. Will pump up the fork high and then dial it in with an electronic gauge.

  • Going to Swinley again this weekend, same time 10:20 at Martins Heron.

  • then dial it in with an electronic gauge.

    Going to Swinley again this weekend


  • 600 psi in your fork

  • You may not see a difference between 110 and 80 psi in your fork but my fat ass does.

  • Still moer plush than rigid.

  • Working my way through the Vittoria back catalogue. Need something 2.4 for the rear, or I could sling a Barzo on.

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    • PXL_20211020_125253045.jpg
  • In the last part of my I now have a dog, a job and a degree to do so I don't ride anymore clearout, I'm probably going to move on (and immediately regret) my Pipedream Moxie.
    Any interest? - > PM me
    Fox Rhythm 34 140mm
    Bontrager Wheelset
    Dropper from the standard dropper company.
    NX gears, XT brakes.

  • Get a Mazza and let us know if it's any good

  • Still got a d-shape seat post for an sl6 tarmac going?!

  • That went in the massive job lot of epicness to @c00ps

  • Yup. Have been summoned… Can certainly sort something out for that (unless I decide to build a bike around a seatpost). Drop me a PM. Can bring into town tomorrow.

    Thanks @lowbrows - I am still working my way through all of it! Eldest daughter has already dibsed all the jackets/jerseys. “I will grow into them”

  • Anyone have a recommendation for a universal brake bleed kit to suit my TRPs (not Magura please, I wouldn't like to risk it)? I'd like to tidy up the hoses a bit so they'll need a good bleed after I suspect...

  • I was going to suggest epic bleed solutions but the kit you need appears to be out of stock, not sure if the universal kit they do will work.


  • Saw that alright and apparently Universal Kit will work fine, just wondered had anyone any experience of them?

  • I have the Sram bleeding edge kit from them and the one time I've had to use it it was perfectly good. I don't see how the official Sram kit could have been £45 better.

  • I've used an Epic Bleed kit on my Quadiems with no issue. I think it was the TRP one

    They sent the pink mineral oil which I'm certain is the Shimano stuff, but has been fine for the 3 years since I trimmed and bled them

  • Is Rogate worth it for someone who's not bothered about going in the air?

  • I enjoyed it and I’m rubbish at jumping.

  • @pit
    I've got one of these-

    Any escaping air should just be be in the hose as the valve should have closed.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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