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  • I bought the exact same decathlon kit. The trousers were out of stock for ages, glad this alerted me to it.

    Mine just arrived and honestly can’t believe how high quality they feel.
    The jacket is very well designed and quality wise feels on par with jackets I’ve paid three times more for.
    The panel at the top of the zip is a nice touch for keeping your neck dry and warm but still comfortable. It’s shape means you can keep it fully zipped. My other jackets feel tight and restricted at the chin when fully zipped up so end up riding with it down a touch.
    The sleeves are quite long with a bit that extends over the top of your hand down to the knuckles.
    I deliberately sized up to XL so I have room for body armour underneath.

    The trousers are equally high quality with a fairly nice slim fit but with room for knee/shin guards. The material has a nice stretch to it. The panel at the waist rises up your back a good bit too.
    I’d defo say size up for the trousers tho. I normally wear 34” waist trousers. These XL size are listed as being 37” but there’s no way that’s the true size. I do have a big arse and thighs though and these are a nice snug fit, by no means as big as the 37” number would have you think. I feel like I could have ordered the next size up for the trousers and still be ok.

    They are both so good I think I’m going to order another of each.

  • I’m going to order another of each

    I presume you got a good price for the cat then

  • I miss him already but nothing beats staying dry on the bike.

    I’m going to hold fire on ordering another jacket before I’ve rode in it and see that it is sufficiently water proof.

    But £40 for the trousers is a great price. I spent £120 on fox dh pants earlier this year, all the logos shrivelled and peeled after one wash. Crashed wearing them a few weeks back and they tore from the knee right up to the waist. They have lots of small holes at the thigh that’s presumably for ventilation but they are just an opportunity for something to snag on. 4 months use for £120 :(
    I have tld dh pants I’ve had since 2006, they stink like ass but are at least still in once piece.

  • Ordered a pair of the Decathlon pants, normally a 28/32 so hopefully the S will be a good fit. I've been riding flats exclusively because of knee trouble and have sported some questionable looks mixing lycra and Five Tens, should have bought something like this last winter.

  • You'll all regret it when you see how natty I look in my POC waders.

  • Have you checked if the DWR is resistant to mineral oil?

  • The thing about the POC fishing gear, if you wear them as the model does in the pictures, when the rain hits your jacket and runs down towards the waders, it seems like some water would run into the inside of them no?
    The obvious solution would be to wear a jacket over them. But then what’s the point of the dungarees versus trousers and a jacket?

  • A lot of the riding I did last autumn/winter/spring was when it wasn't raining but the ground was very wet - you got a huge amount of vectored spray, but nothing coming out of the sky vertically downward.

    So for e.g. if you wore waterproof trousers and a standard jersey you got a wet stripe up your back.

    Same day, same conditions, waterproof jacket with the trousers - way too hot, so very sweaty, but not muddy.

    = I'm going to throw a jacket on when it's raining, but I don't want to wear one when it's not, but when it is very wet.

  • for e.g.

    Please stop doing this, it's far worse than anything brake related.

  • was when it wasn't raining but the ground was very wet

    Ah aye ok fair enough, does make a lot of sense.
    This was the problem with the endura onesie. If it wasn’t simultaneously cold and raining then it got pretty sweaty.
    The struggle of staying dry without being too hot is very real.
    There’s got to be sub £400 solution though.

  • Shorts over dwr bib shorts, and possibly a gilet?

    I get hot and sweaty so despite liking the poc dungarees I would rather they made something more like lederhosen

  • Yep, possibly the best kit I’ve bought in a while. Think I’ll be getting another pair of trousers.
    I also took a punt on their AM lid which I’ll be using through the winter (not many vents for warmer use). I know helmets are very personal choice due to head shape but I’m staggered at how comfortable it was.

  • Aye I’m surprised there isn’t already a Mtb product similar to the POC but a lot cheaper.
    I’d guess a cheap brand version will appear soon.

    These might be worth a punt



    Material might feel a bit too chunky for riding though?

  • Bloody hell... I hadn't actually looked at the price of the POC dungarees... €490 for a pair of mtb trews? I'm quite alright thanks.

  • Aye it’s absurd. All POC clothing is hugely overpriced but this rips the arse out it. Decathlon ftw

  • All this talk of Tallboy’s is reminding me how much I love my new to me 2010 Tallboy . Carbon in orange . Geometry quite steep though, and been a blast around north Wales this summer , and equally as happy on north and South Downs, a true do it all bike and do not want to ride anything else :) xl size though, as would have been looking at the one for sale if it was not an xxl

  • What would you prefer?

  • E.g. stands for exempli gratia in Latin, which means "for example". Your additional 'for' is superfluous.

  • Would anyone be interested in a Santa Cruz 5010 Size XL frameset? Mint condition, I'll honour the warranty for the buyer.
    Please help me pay for Pits Tallboy.

  • Let me know if you want some photos

  • Uh oh. Just spent a few days on a Hightower and now have a need for a full sus. How much? Frameset and shock only?

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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