Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • That looks great, and I'd love to try a pinion one day, makes a lot of sense in theory.

    This pic of a Sirius is not doing anything to put me off them unfortunately.

  • too heavy for XC surely; TRP Slate T4

  • I meant your carbon wheels and SID fork ;-)

  • Tried out the new Cwmcarn Blue yesterday, it's a great fun little flow trail. Can be enjoyed and rolled down by a (not complete) beginner but better riders can gap and manual the various rollers.

    I got given free reign to hit a lap of Cafall too, which I really enjoyed. I usually prefer the Twrch but full commitment on the HT down the rougher Cafall stuff had me buzzing.

    We should get a South Wales forum day/weekend in after the school holidays.

  • Chain tensioner on a bike with sliding dropouts, why?

  • Maybe they're slid all the way back for tyre clearance

  • Dingle speed

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  • Yep, the thread said he was running Dingle speed and the slight difference in chain length meant adjustment any other way.

  • Rode the new(ish?) Trails at Mountain View bike park on Caerphilly Mountain this morning. Have just built up a fairly rough and ready rigid 29er from parts and that was fine for the couple of blues and the green.

    Mix of standard Caerphilly Mtn forestry trails and some more built rollers and berms which mixed it up a bit. Would recommend for relative newbies like myself.

  • Nice, I'll add that place to the list!

  • @Jw89 five months in, how's the Chameleon?

  • Yeah! Well remembered. Loving it, still modifying it slightly to fit my needs but it's such a good bike. Definitely better than my skill level, which is comforting as it means I can get better without needing a new bike!

  • Quality. I'm in the market for an XC hardtail and randomly scrolled back to a few pages of this thread and landed on your bike, it looks great, cheers for the updated review.

    Have done a small amount of shopping around, they seem scarce.

  • Take whatever you can find right now!
    Depending on budget if you’re looking around £1-1.5k watch that they don’t sneak in a quick release or non tubeless rims

  • Supply chain derailment caused by brexit and covid is it? Nice, I'll strike if anything comes along

  • New bike due to arrive soon. I have also booked myself in for a couple of days training so hopefully I can have good habits instilled before old muscle memory kicks in. I have always used clipless pedals but should I look to get flat pedals and shoes as I relearn?

    @Dammit I notice you are on flats, was this to help learn better technique?

  • I reckon the benefit to flats is you are more likely to be able to 'run out' of a fall. With clipped in you're likely going down. If you're not worried about pedaling efficency I'd run flats. But if you want to be pro enduro then run clipped.

  • what do you run?

  • What a noob. Coming it HOT

  • Flats for me, and yes- reason was to force correct technique. I would probably put SPD’s on for a race- but I’m very, very slow at the moment so just enjoying pootling around.

  • Wouldn't have crashed in SPDs ;-)

    Glad I've kept the winter tyres on, Peaslake was wet yesterday! Always some fun trails to be found though with Captain Klunk and SuperNova running well and the steep stuff as steep as always with added slippery roots...

  • My 40th birthday is approaching, which means it's time for a midlife crisis and therefore time to spunk a chunk of cash on a new bike. Budgeting roughly £4000 (£100 per year of my stupid life).

    Question is: what bike?

    Pottering around the Peak District on a hardtail has been fun, but has also made me think that full sus is the way to go. It's mostly going to get used on natural trails with the occasional zip down a trail at Lady Cannings or Greno woods. Currently looking at the Cotic Jeht, but that's mostly because my current bike is a Cotic and I like it, but I should probably cast the net wider.

  • Transition Spur Deore?

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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