Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • "Just going to chat casually, while rolling down this insanely technical track"


  • Currently have a Scott scale which fits me a lot better than previous bikes, feels efficient for gravel type rides and climbs. Bit slow in tight turns but that might be more me than the bike.
    I like this bike so really I should just swap wheels for tubeless rims, maybe change the bars for something comfier and spend the money on a smart trainer for winter!

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  • Sounds like a perfect bike for what you ride.
    QR is an obsolete standard now so I wouldn't spend too much money on the wheels as you won't be able to transfer them when you upgrade the bike/frame.

  • Yeh I think it works, I’m always curious to try full sus as some of the trails round the peaks are pretty rocky, but I still get up or down them!
    Might look to swap the frame, forks, wheels for something with more modern standards.
    Annoying that a new bike came with obsolete wheels standards, hence my Scott fall out

  • Right, thunderstorms inbound- time to go and ride in the forest.

  • Hope carbon cranks inbound...

    Via Phil Pearce who became the Master XC Champ today on a HB130!

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  • New bike day, Scott scale 940, top level frame with fairly bottom level components, the only xc bike in my size for sale in the country so I took it as soon as I saw it. Would like to upgrade brakes and wheels sooner rather than later, and fork eventually, but it’ll do for now

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  • Tech 4 levers also inbound.

    If I were to buy a carbon bike I think that's what I'd buy.

  • XCR Pro - X2 Is the new XC go to.

    My X2s have been faultless. Never bled and I’m pretty sure they are 2014 (Lol Magura).

    I know it’s not the lightest stuff in the world but I’ve had zero problems with Hope stuff. I would also get their road cranks if they made a decent sized chain ring rather than topping out at 46T 😩

  • Stealthy. Like that!

    Schwalbe tan walls are very thin FYI. Pack a tube 😉

  • the few people that moan about hope is 95% user error from my experience, desperate for a set of those new brakes, no idea for which bike... apparently ideal for a brompton according to ben @ kinetics

  • Will definitely be going maxxis ardent when these give up!

  • Would like to upgrade brakes and wheels sooner rather than later, and fork eventually

    @amey has some that he's not using appropriately

  • That’s lovely! Looks fast

  • Can anyone suggest a fix for this type of pedal when it squeaks- the squeak is when the cage move up and down against the medal spd part inside. Tried a bit of lube. No obvious way to take apart or adjust- mine are a cheaper version than this without the bolt on the end

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  • Not quite the same, but whenever I've had plastic pedals that have squeaked I've just sprayed GT85 into them until they shut up.

  • Halfords silicone spray has worked for me when the atacs get squeaky.

  • So I'm thinking I should probably sell my wanker hybrid and save for a proper MTB this year. Case use will be gravel rides that often get inappropriate for gravel bikes (half the group ride MTBs) and longer stuff in to the South Wales valleys. I might like to have a trip out two to BPW/Afan eventually, but probably not before some coaching to make me less shit/scared.

    Pipedream Sirius looks nice and matchy rigid fork might be cool for mucky winter riding. Are steel hardtails mostly about looking cool and I'd get more value from an Alu hardtail? Someone in the gravel lot had a Scandal with carbon fork that looked fun.

    Obviously most options are out of stock for now, but this probably won't be until winter anyway.

  • Are steel hardtails mostly about looking cool

    Possibly, but it's not worked for me :'(

  • Your bike looks cool to me! Never seen a photo of you riding it though to be fair.

    Do you ever run a suss fork on it, or plan to?

  • The Talbot or the Isen? They've both had sus forks on them, as whilst I love riding with a rigid fork, it doesn't suit everything

  • Err, the Pinion one. I haven't really kept up with that thread, but good to hear my logic isn't totally flawed: rigid for bimbling, suss for more concerted mountain biking. Will have another look now.

  • Fat-tyred gravel bimbling

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  • Slightly less bimbly bounce mode

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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