Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Anyone else heading to Yorkshire mtb marathon this weekend? Private not normally accessible trails and they’ve done a lot of work to them. Should be a nice 40km spin if I can get done before it goes over 29degrees!

  • This sort of question has likely been asked many many times on here, but can I get some views on a bike I'm negotiating a deal on? Cotic Soul from around 2009 ish, so 26er/non-tapered steerer (which I like for the prospect of future cheap rigid fork options). Bit of a mishmash of parts but seems solid enough.

    Stated spec copied below and seller is asking £475 collected.

    This'll be my first foray into mountain biking proper so my road/fixed/gravel knowledge isn't helping much... any help would be much appreciated!

    Frame: Cotic Soul steel
    Bars: Raceface Atlas
    Stem: Raceface Evolve XC
    Forks: Rockshox Reba Team 20x100TA
    Front Wheel: Easton hub and rim 26" 20x100 TA
    Rear Wheel: WTB rim on a shimano hub 26" QR
    Tyres: Schwalbe Nobby Nics (front and back)
    Brakes: Formula K18
    Cranks: Shimano SLX m665
    Bottom Bracket: Hope
    Saddle: Fizik

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  • £200 tops

    Forks are fucked
    equipment is old
    26" is dead

  • Not what you are asking, but I'd hesitate to buy that bike. Mountain bikes have a habit of chewing through parts, and you'll struggle to get replacements at a reasonable price. Forks, wheels and seatposts in particular.

    I own an old cotic soul, and it hasn't moved from my garage in quite a while because of this.. also because newer bikes just work better.

  • 26" is dead


  • Ooof. Bullet very much dodged. Thanks both!

  • looks like the top one here on Pinkbike*. Price is a bit toppy for the reasons above but ultimately it's up to you


    *If I'm looking for MTB stuff I don't really know the price to buy or how much to sell for I tend to search on here as it's a bigger marketplace and gives you a better idea of what prices similar bikes are being sold for

  • Good shout, thanks!

    I want something not too pricey (around £500) to learn/practice/crash on, so will keep an eye out for something more modern that’ll be easier to repair/upgrade.

  • "there was lots of blood and some spare parts were hanging out that should have been tucked away safely"

    Pls, no

  • jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  • Blaming the immigrants again. tut tut

  • does anyone including @pit have any experience of these? Thinking for my gravel bike

  • I hope you're on good terms with your dentist

  • oh yeah I am :D

    (broke 4 front teeth and got dentist in india)

    good point though

  • I thought @amey was a dentist?

  • He would be able to afford eeWings if he was

  • I wish I was a dentist, nothing I do is financially viable or adds value to the society

  • Don't be so hard in yourself. You keep the gravel thread alive pretty much by yourself

  • Put your Profiles on there

  • Marzocchi Bomber Marathon 03 fork - short of welding it together any idea how to make it move less for approaching £0? I think it's coil/oil rather than air so I can't just add air. I don't really want to spend money on it but if it's as simple as buying a specific oil and draining then refilling I'd contemplate it.

  • Heavier oil would make it move slower, and excess oil would result in less travel

    Sounds like you want a heavier weight spring, which would cost more than £o, if you could actually find one

  • Sounds like you want a new mtb...


  • You mean like, the £4k one that's in storage, while I try and stop a fork bottoming out on a £90 ebay Kona?

  • You mean like, the £4k one that's in storage

    Nah, turns out that one is entirely unsuitable for your needs

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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