Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Any suggestions for what to look for in a second hand xc type bike for general trail riding? I've been really loving being off-road recently and have a rock lobster hard tail, but I'm quite keen to try something a bit more modern. How much would I need to spend to get something fun?

  • Bonkers good I've pre-ordered one

  • I imagine he's racing the lightest, raciest, thinnest tyres going and perhaps at quite a high pressure. Wee sharp rock perhaps.

    Apparently it was a slow puncture so yeah I guess you'd expect that to seal eventually but it does often take a while at higher pressures. I tend to stop when I notice a puncture and put the hole at the bottom n wait a few mins to let it do its thing, obviously cant do that in a race.

  • Another request for a recommendation for a trail bike recommendation, willing to spend upto about £2500. Increasingly enjoying offroad and fed up of getting bashed around on a gravel bike, but know nothing about mountain bikes. Might take the odd trip to Dalby forest, but mostly just want to be comfortable on longish rides around the North York Moors. Been looking at the Marin Rift Zone, but not sure if full suspension is overkill. Any advice would be appreciated

  • Full sus - definitely not overkill for Yorkshire.

    Also Yorkshire - you'll want a Cotic or Orange.

  • From that pinkbike article @Dry posted Ripley AF if you can find one in stock.

  • I'm heading to Windhill on Sunday if anyone fancies riding in a thunderstorm.

  • Thanks for all the advice, reassuring to know that a short-travel, full suss bike is appropriate. Had previously watched the pinkbike reviews on youtube, Ripley af looks great and is available. However it's coming in nearer £3.5k, but if I cannot find the more budget friendly Marin, I might bite the bullet and get one.

  • Have a look at Bird Aether too.

  • I was due.

    Wooden boards are slippery as a slippery thing.

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  • Since I removed most of the skin from both of my knees and had to wake up twice a night to empty the fluid from my dressings I put knee-pads on religiously, no matter the gnar factor.

  • I had designed some tshirts with a print on the chest saying

    Maybe now is the time to actually have them made

  • This is where I’m at, and I haven’t even slept a night yet.

    The pocket at the back of the knee is gashed up from the pedal, sore as fook.

    I had been thinking to wear armour, purchase was on the to-do list. I think that it’ll get done now!

  • Can recommend the POC VPD Air pads. Good protection and can ride in em all day. Mine are a few years and a few thousand miles deep and still in decent nick.

  • Looks like I should do another run of my 'Bones heal, scars fade, glory is forever' T-shirts.

  • LLL thread >>>

  • Cold but true

  • lol very fair

  • lll?

  • Gonna see how small I can make these without a ball ache.

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  • Keen!

  • Let me see if I can make suitably small for top tubes. Weeding tiny tiny letters is a paint and prone to short lifespan. I should just invest in a sticker printer by now.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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