Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Also tempting. Probably even more spenny though. For some reason my love of steel hardtails doesn't really carry over to the concept of steel full sus.

  • Mine wasn't that expensive, but I bought it when it was on sale. If weight is your concern is never gonna be a light bike, but if your looking to go down hill fast, it'll go faster than your probably willing to let it.

  • I love a (steel) hardtail and also love Transition FSs, I think because they arent just point and plough through so make a lot of sense to a hardtail rider. I have had an alloy Scout which was so fun, selling a carbon Patrol which is too much bike for me to use much in the UK and on the list for a carbon Sentinel. Such a shame they stopped doing the Smuggler but I'll probably reduce the fork length on the Sentinel for a similar feel.

    Steel FS makes little sense to me.

  • Isn't it all about the Spur now instead of the Smuggler? Will they do an alloy Spur? That's my hope, so loads of people upgrade leaving their smugglers to the cheapskates.
    My brother has a Scout and loves it.

  • A Spur looks so fun for Surrey Hills etc but would be too similar in capabilities to a trail hardtail. Smuggler is deffo something you could still put dual play tyres on and do big stuff in the Alps if you wanted to. Not sure they'll do alloy Spur, I was hoping they'd do an alloy Sentinel mkII but gave up hoping.

  • If you're around my height (187cm) then you are welcome to try the 529 and 295 - both have Rimpact front and rear, and I can bring the Reserve 30's along as well which a) can go on either bike and b) have Rimpact's front and rear inside DHR II's. 529 is on Minion SS F/R, 295 Hans Dampf front and a Nobby Nik rear (which are a bit out of their depth on loose stuff compared to the DHR II's, to the surprise of no-one I suspect).

  • Brief plug - I’ve got a pair of basic boost 29er wheels for sale,barely used.


  • not sure if this is covid allowed but if anyone is heading from London to the New Forest Round of the Southern XC series for the sport race on the 25th and would have a space in a car then could they let me know?

  • Anyone run a nobby nic on the front for general stuff? I was going to get a barzo but cant find any.

    Need a new front tyre. Good RR but can handle a bit

  • Yep, Nobby Nics F&R on both my UK MTBs. They're good enough for me.

  • I think they’d be ok for slightly hirsute cross country.

  • Yup.

    2.35 variant up front and rocket Ron 2.25 on the rear. Definitely get one of the softer compounds for the front though.
    Favourite do it all tyre combo for sure.

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  • Squeezed a 2.6 Mezcal into the back of my Stooge and I am a fan. Just wish they did a 2.8 (or 3") for the front but accept it's a niche.

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  • Mezcal barzo is nice combo

  • It's always a compromise for me. I have a wtb vigilante if I wanna have fun. But need something all day rideable but isn't going to wash out or drag to bad.

    Thanks all for the feedback I'll get one and see

  • I used to have nobby nic on the front, RR on the back
    now have mezcals front and rear
    mezcals feel way better to me IMO
    nobby nic on the front has pretty pathetic grip for being a not particularly fast tyre.

  • If anyone is after any XC parts. I Have got basically whole bikes worth coming that I will have for sale this week. Fox performance 32s, carbon wheels, carbon bars etc.

  • Weird. Guess all I can do is try one. I did read similar on mbr and pb.

  • How have you seen my bike, it's not even been painted yet!

  • The sticky NN with addix soft compound isn't bad. Defo more grip than a Mezcal. I still prefer Barzo up front.

  • Dry lube either gets washed off in shitty conditions or dries up fully after an hour or so when it's dusty IME

    This is exactly what I've found and I've gone back to Ceramic Wet. I haven't yet done any full chain wax cooks for off-road though so I don't know about paraffin but the drip wax stuff is poor, even with a cleanclean chain.

  • Yeah I don't want to run a soft compound. Compromises.

    Anyone seen a 2.35 29 TNT barzo?

  • I used to run them front and rear, had a few sketchy moments, never ate shit though because of them. Now running a Hans Dampf up front, definitely a marked difference.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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