Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Sure did. Have to wear platforms but its spot on now.

  • Did they pop some air in your tyres too?

  • After all that chatter about 30mm threaded BBs on Dammit's thread...

    Does anyone need/want a new and unused RaceFace threaded BSA 30mm BB?

    Came with a chainset I bought but my frame is pressfit so I’ll never need it.

    So £25 posted + PayPal fees

  • Lake shoe wearers- are they wider along the whole foot and heel, or just wider in the toe box? I have slender heels and ankles but quite wide toes not helped by wearing vivo shoes a lot that are wide in the toe

  • Email lake, I've always found them very helpful.

    You can mould some of their shoes, compressing the carbon in the heal area.

  • Wider overall, they also do a wide version which is super wide, which is what I use in 42.5 and I used to use a 45 'narrow' shoe before that.

    Get lake, they are extremely hard wearing, I am in the 4th year of using them

  • Pedalhounds Enduro dates are up. Low-key, fun events. Great if you're thinking about trying enduro racing.


  • That's interesting - are they run on private land?

  • Yes, apart from Stanmer Park

  • Looks good, I will enter them. I'd better clean my chain at some point between now and the 2nd of April.

  • Sportpersuit have decent discounts about 30% off lake shoes at the moment. Limited model and sizes but you might get lucky

  • Sweet! I can't do the first two but will enter hardtail class for some of the others.

  • I’ll be the middle aged man on an 8k full suspension bike in the Fun cat.

  • I’ll be the middle aged man on an 8k full suspension bike

    I somehow doubt that will make you unique ;-)

  • I've been looking for some out here. I'd like to see how slow I am against good people. And I understand there are some very good people around here.

  • Very popular over the border in France, I should imagine there are some good riders and races near you too!

  • any one looking for a sweet full sus XC frame? https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15804622/­

  • I'll have a look, I need something with more travel I think. And also more body armour!

  • Chunky sidewalls, kneepads and a fullface are a must for serious enduros IMO

  • I'm operating on the assumption that a UK Enduro won't have features larger or more technical than I found in Morgins, but this may be where I'm going wrong.

    Full face, kneepads, and maybe even elbow pads for me.

  • The more technical Peaslake trails are harder than the hardest Pedalhounds stages. I ride an open face (and knees if it's not too hot) and a hardtail is absolutely fine, if not as fast.

    Even a UK National Series event won't have anything like that Morgins black though there can be sections when I feel I'm approaching the limit of my abilities on a hardtail. I wear a full face for these.

    The Southern Enduro series tracks are somewhere in between.

  • I admit that I chickened out of the black at Morgins, I did the reds a lot but couldn't find the requisite courage to move up.

    I'm not that familiar with Peaslake - which trails would you class as the most technical?

    I'll ride them at the weekend to get a feel for the level.

  • I wouldn't worry about that, the black is proper tech!

    The most technical ones are off the South side of Pitch Hill: Thick and Creamy, Swoopy McSwoopface and a load more that aren't on Trailforks. Easy to follow your nose and find.

  • I'll listen for the screaming, head that way, shred the gnar.

  • Anyone used the Orange Clockwork Evo 29? My brother has the S which I've tried out once or twice, thinking of getting the best I can which will probably be the S but maybe higher. His is a few years old so interested in the opinion of anyone who has a '20 or '21.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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