Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Bars; Carbon specifically. What’s go to these days?

    You all got distracted spending Dammit’s cash....

    Bars: Next R 35.0 10mm rise 800mm width.
    Stem: Turbine 35.0 60mm

    Be here tomorrow :)

  • Transition PBJ looks good spec-wise, is within a few hundred quid of the Dirt Love, and Brink have them in stock in my size.

    Critical thing now is to get confirmation of my cancellation out of YT.

  • While I absolutely love your willingness to buy more bikes, 2.4k on that Santa Cruz is absolutely fucking mental. I'm certainly a SC fan but the dirt jump frame seems a bit meh for seven hundred bangers.

    I'd say if building a DJ bike then more fun and satisfaction could be had going the second hand route. This route would obvs take more time but if its just a bike to fuck about at pump track etc then build a retro 26" DMR trailstar or something similar for significantly less cash.
    If I had five hundred odd quid burning a hole in my pocket and I wanted a DJ bike I'd spend a couple of hours on the Pinkbike classifieds.

  • Ah bollox, for the first time in months I actually went a few days without coming on lfgss...

    I have the exact same size Next R bars new and unused sitting in the garage that I could have sold for a lot less than online price. Appreciate this info is completely useless to you now though :(

  • I’d rather free up space in your garage and enable you to buy more parts than line the pockets of Wiggle... you have PM.

  • Anyone fitted full length mudguards to a hard tail mountain bike?

    My dad rides a focus E bike and wants to minimise the cleaning routine.

    I'm sure the rear would be easy enough but not sure how the front would go.

  • Not what you asked but if the guards start caking with mud they can make cleaning worse not easier.

    Might be better off getting a pressure washer?

    Otherwise sks sell shorter wide guards which are designed for e mtbs I think. No idea what you do on the fork though.

  • Mudhugger is worth a try, keeps most of it off the rider, the bike, not so much but better than nothing.

  • Should have said. Already have mudhuggers fitted but he rides between 25 and 40 miles a day off road, so looking for some more coverage.

  • Check out the Rose Bruce.

  • YT have sent me an email acknowledgment of my email to them requesting cancellation of my order, but - and I have literally no idea how - they've sent it to an email address of mine that is nowhere to be found in my profile that I ordered the bike with.

    I don't know if this is positive or not, but at least I have my first (automated) response.

  • I think Rose have stopped shipping bikes to the UK now

  • If anyone fancies loamy goodness at Redlands tomorrow let me know.

    Sorry. Did I say loamy? I meant greasy, sloppy, muddy fun.

  • Ah, I saw they were pulling out of the UK market (thanks Brexiters) but didn't realise it was with immediate effect.

  • Believe it was to do with brake lever orientation required for UK. I.e right front. And not having capacity to re-bleed brakes procured for swap.
    I kid you not.

  • Perhaps having to spend a fortnight bleeding each Magura brake was taking a toll

  • And nothing to do with the UK binning all anti-dumping tariffs on bikes from (largely) China, making the UK market much more competitive for certain types of bike? Brompton was very upset about this in the news recently.

  • Yeah that's what I read in their press release. And just assumed it was a smoke screen for brexit related complications making it less appealing for them. But you know what assumptions make...

  • @Tijmen, @PhilDAS, @Po
    Cheers, got a few options there.

  • If this were Pinkbike this would be “Downcountry”.

    Couple of upgrades since the last time posted here: Fox dropper, Hope E4 Front (needs a trim!) Stans wheels, Schwalbe tyres, RF Bars and Stem and back to black discs.

    Removed lockout on the Fox rear shock (bars too cluttered), inserted an old brake cable into the mechanism to keep ‘open’ at all times and now on the hunt for a 165 x 38 shock with climb switch - the cost to convert the current and service came to over £200 which is bonkers - so have my eye on a CC Inline for a smidge under £200 and flog this instead.

    One day I’ll sort the fork graphics out. Can’t decide on orange or stealth.

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  • ^ very nice

  • Nice. What dropper lever did you end up getting?

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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