Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • That'll be when the curse returns.

    Rat Race seem to be on top of this challenge tbh.

  • I have had some rides on my Continental Trail King 2.4s now and I am very impressed.

    I ride mainly in beach/Douglas/pine forest on the east coast of Denmark. So the terrain is short and relatively steep climbs/decents. Surface is thin mud with sand grit mixed in. There is a tiny bit of clay but not like your fat Epping rear mech killing type.
    I feel the tyres are performing really well and it gave me confidence to try some new and techy stuff.

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  • DBAD

    Nobody even knows what that is anymore

  • did you climb up that in thee first pic? I came to a grinding halt on a rooty climb recently ūüėā

  • No that is more or less impossible I reckon. It is incredibly steep and much longer than you can see in the photo.
    But it was a terrifying ride down it. But tyres felt grippy so I went around the hill and went back down it. Second time around with a lot more confidence and speed.

  • You probably know this but on slippy roots tire pressure makes such a huge difference. In Dublin most of the non official trails are steep root runs and the last time I went down with a couple of bonus PSI in my tyres was truly horrific.

  • Yes. I am also running tubeless now. I havent for the last two years for unknown reasons.

  • Ride Redlands, Surrey Hills, Sunday 1st of November:


  • Tyre inserts are also nice on rooty descents.

  • who makes a nice lockout remote?

  • Don't lock your fork out. What if you hit a really big piece of gravel?!

  • my grav√© rides are at least 20% road, i like a good lockout :P

  • You could just crank the compression right up for the road bit?

  • Or stop thinking you need a sus fork for gravel

  • Probs wolftooth

  • is the xx1 cassette 12 speed? if so I might be interested in making an offensive low ball offer!

  • Yes, I was running it with 12 speed XTR shifter and mech.

  • Seriously considering selling my 2017 Whyte T130 C RS and just fitting a bouncy fork to my Bianchi DISS.

    What fork can I buy for the DISS to give my plenty of travel up front? It's 1 1/8th straight steerer.

  • "plenty of travel" may mean plenty of trouble as it is a rigid bike.

    edit: you may get away with 100mm or so travel.
    good luck finding a 1 1/8th steerer with scant travel, best bet will be barely used stock from the mid 2000s (RS Judy/ Duke/ Psylo maybe with u-turn to dial in the travel?)

    edit2: Was this bike made fairly recently? I am making wild assumptions that this is a vintage early 2000s bike, for some reason. Probably best to ignore me

  • Sus forks with 1 1/8 are hard to come by. Suntour and RST make a bunch, but I think they are mostly things designed for commuting bikes (that often come with suspension in some european countries). Rockshox make a number of their lower end forks with 1 1/8th (Judy, Recon, etc.). But the best option I could find was a Manitou Markour. Rose currently have them for 200 euros:


    I think you can also upgrade the damper on a Markour to ABS+ suspension using this:


    [Edit: for some reason I read your post as looking for a 29er fork... what I said applies to that. Given the DISS is 26 you probably have more options. Wiggle have a few old Reba's on sale at the moment that may work]

  • Thanks man, I'm actually running the bike on 27.5 wheels but some of those Wiggle forks might do it.

  • You are correct, it's mid 2000s.

    I find my full sus bike is too much bike for most terrain I ride.

  • Lousa downhill track looks fresh gnar.


  • I have had some rides on my Continental Trail King 2.4s now and I am very impressed.

    I'm not generally a fan of Continental tyres but I've had X-King 2.4s on my mountain bike for the last three years, after a recommendation from @turnpedal (I think), with a brief foray into Vittoria's offerings, before returning to the same set of Continentals. Seem to cope with everything pretty well.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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