Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • I have a Scandal (XL). It's very easy to wheelie so you'll look cool.

    I think it also cost me <£550 to build. Winning.

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  • Swinley good once we hit the red trails. The steeper off piste stuff was blocked by big logs unfortunately. Did ride the chunky steep one one although it has berms, but it wasn't marked, from the point where there are three trail heads near each other?

  • I'll be at Swinley this Saturday, with the Mrs trying out her new bike for the first time.

  • Picking the bike up from Birds showroom just by Swinley

  • Nope, IIRC it’s all Deore.

  • Phew. Swinley will be a good start, everything is rollable.

  • Dropper posts, are all things equal?

    Currently looking at either Brand X Ascend XL 200mm or One Up 210mm.
    anything else in the £200 or less range to consider (that is pretty long)

  • I have that BrandX, apart from picking up a gouge on the first ride it has performed solidly for at least a fortnight. Check your measurements though, I went for the longest one as default as I have long legs but I am very much on the cusp of it being too long.

  • I've also got a Brand X, they just work, they're a doddle to service, and if you need to reduce the travel it should be easy enough to shim with some flexible plastic.

  • Thank me later ...


    He does make me wonder if I could also become a professional Northerner

  • BrandX. They're cheaper on eBay than chainreaction/wiggle.

  • "It's just a good balanced all-rounder"

    I concur Guy! Mine currently had a child seat attached to it..

  • I very much doubt Guy's did.

  • What's good in off-road lighting these days? Is there still some retina scorching Chinese option for £15?

    I'd love to go for Exposure but not sure I can justify the cost.

  • NiteFighter are a good alternative. You can find them on gearbest.

  • Ffs, mate. Don't give away all the good bits!

  • I was scared off the Chinese lights after reading about them going pop.

    I picked up some Tumble and Fall 2000 moomin lights for about £70 new on eBay.

    Not perfect but bodged a GoPro Mount so I could helmet mount them and stash the battery in my Camelbak

    For £70 I’m happy with them and good enough for lighting the trail around South Wales up to hit at pace and good enough battery life.

    These, better price too:

  • How's this fun looking project proceeding?

  • What's good in off-road lighting these days?

    Have you looked at this blog - http://www.torchythebatteryboy.com/p/bik­e-light-database.html

  • after a wee visit to epping on sunday on some well worn 3 yr old+ tyres i realised they aren't going to cut it this winter, no grip going up hill both front and rear were sliding in the full on epping muddy clay, no traction even sitting over the rear wheel pedalling up in 1st gear , actually had to push up a few hills

    so any of you peeps out there bought loads of different tyres over the last year to try them all out and thus have some nigh on new spares in your sheds cupboards man caves

    looking for 26" decent width 2-3" equipped to deal with epping muddiness
    i'd grab some more kenda nevegals if i could find them on sale as they have been great over these last few years, any leads on a pair of those would be welcome also

  • frame still isn't with me!
    I was told 6 weeks (ish) when i ordered it.
    on 5 August.
    We are now at 11 weeks.
    It should be with me in a week or so.

    Otherwise, I have everything for the build, apart from a dropper post.
    Will start a current project when it does land, so you can all see how shit i am at putting bikes together.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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