Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • I thought Rapha MTB range had been already been confirmed for 2020?

    Spring 21

  • Thanks Brexit Covid, for ruining everything.

  • No idea the year, at least a decade old I guess... Giant Reign 2 26er. Ghost shifting is doing my nut. When it’s not haunted it’s scratching my leg as the cable flexes on the least convenient axis.

    Going to run full length outer at least til the rear stay. Need to source some adhesive cable tidy clip things as well I think.

  • What pumps are people using for MTB at the moment?

  • silca tattico, never used it myself but @leggy_blonde used mine twice, I think it works

  • Are you carrying in a backpack? Attached to the frame? In a pocket?

    As I put mine in a Camelbak I use one of these:

    Easy to fill larger volume tyres and acts like a track pump so you’re pushing into the ground

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  • You have to be a bit careful with not bending the valve in a rush but it is a very good pump.

  • Works well and lasts for years and years, no matter how many people borrow it off me


  • Topeak hv one its mega

    I paid with my own cold hard cash. https://www.topeak.com/global/en/product­s/mini-pumps/1083-mountain-tt-twin-turbo­

    I've used most pumps, and thrown most lezyne ones in the bin. This is just better.

  • Can also vouch for the durability of the Topeak pumps. Some models also have the mini track pump setup

  • Except for the Topeak frame pump which is garbage

  • I've lost my little Silca, so have ordered the pump that Skinny has, but with a built in pressure gauge.

  • Fabric pumps are shite

  • I ordered some new Endura knee pads yesterday and they turned up at 7am (!) this morning, which was impressive, although not entirely welcome (I was in the middle of devilling some kidneys whilst in my robe), and they’re very impressive compared to my Fox ones, much more thought has gone into fitting to the contours of the knee joint and legs, and the pad is quite a lot larger.

    I’ll doubtless run out of talent on Saturday in order to give them a full test.

    Rogate- full face?

  • Is anyone looking for a 27.5+/29 fork? I'm getting a financially painful urge to move over to a coil fork but I'd have to sell my Manitou Magnum Pro (functionally identical to a Mattoc Pro 2). 100-140mm, IRT (dual positive spring) upgrade. It's an absurdly good fork, and extremely easy to tune and service.

    There's one scratch on the working part of the right stanchion but it has been carefully polished back so it's not a functional problem. Other than that it's been meticulously maintained with regular lower leg and air spring services, and I can supply it with the tool kit, spare seals and fluids. HMU. I'd like £400 for all that, negotiable if you don't want the IRT or service parts.

  • I've finally managed to sell my too long for me 9point8 Fall Line and have ordered a 150mm Fox Factory Transfer.

    I suspect this will be a game changer and finally let me dial in the Capra, I've reluctantly admitted to myself recently that I like it less than its predecessor but I'm confident it's just down to setup.


  • Rogate may require a snorkel

  • Sun's out here. It's quite sandy, I don't think it'll be particularly damp. Might want spare pads though.

  • Rogate is fun, I have maybe 5% of the ability of the tiny kids but it’s fun to watch them soaring into the air

  • I have maybe 5% of the ability of the tiny kids but it’s fun to watch them soaring into the air

    That pretty much sums up honey badger rides for me

  • Pesky kidz

  • Speaking of which anyone spoken to @IR of late?

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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