Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • In France there are FFC VTT websites and physical info boards in most regions with trails and info

  • From discussions with my brother, and independent searches for full sus MTBs, the Calibre series seems best value for money across the board.
    The frame is the weak point though, if upgrades are applied, it will be the limiting factor.
    How big an issue this may be depends on your views to upgrades/ replacement parts.

    I very nearly bought a Triple B, but stock levels forced me to go down the route i am currently taking.

  • Wasn't go outdoors a bit fucked by C19 stuff?

  • There was that debt-restructuring bankruptcy/buy out/buy back thing. I think they're back trading again though.

  • Bet their suppliers were stoked.

  • Looks like they are merged with Blacks - is that new?

    Also appears the Bossnut is in stock in all sizes with them. Not sure I've ever seen that...


    I've ummed and ahh'd about considering one - the reviews were so good, and it would mean I could leave the hardtail as the bikepacking rig / winter bike and get some full squish back in my life...

  • Did you sell your shares in time?

  • On iPlayer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0­8q6jh8/any-one-of-us

    "When professional mountain biker Paul Basagoitia experiences a devastating spinal cord injury (SCI), his life is changed in an instant. Discovering that he's become paralysed, Paul

    begins an intense physical and emotional journey to recover and adapt, initially living in the hope of one day being able to walk again as he once did. His excruciating recovery unfolds in real time through raw, intimate footage- much of which was filmed by Paul himself- as we see him wrestle with the agonies of an unpredictable journey and uncertain future. A chorus of other diverse SCI survivors weaves through the film, shining light on the challenges that Paul now faces. Through years of relentless hard work, intense physical therapy, and even controversial stem cell treatments, as well as the unwavering support of friends and family, Paul slowly beings to build a new, meaningful life for himself."


  • Well dad couldn’t find the Calibre in stock anywhere. I told him it was the yardstick but to try find something of an older model at a proper bike shop.

    He called the better of the shops this morning and ended up getting an end-of-line Felt Virtue Three for £1100. It was between that and a Mondraker Tracker R. I’d have gone Mondraker with the sram X7 but he preferred the colourway of the Felt, and the geo seemed more suitable for his fucked back.

    Add osteoarthritis, knee injuries and a lifetime of middle distance, marathon running, and a few Iron Mans, it could have been a Carrera so long as it suited his awful posture.

    It’s literally for cycling to/from the athletics track and riding alongside his youth athletics kiddos he’s coaching. Doubt he bothers hitting light trails with me, so fingers crossed the Felt will suit him for a few years.

  • You could have got a hardtail for less which would have been more suitable to riding to the track and back I would have thought.
    or even a hybrid....

  • I know, I know.

  • wheels have arrived (Hope pro4 laced to Fortus rims)
    Tyres should be here for the weekend (High Rollers)
    Frame needs to hurry the fuck up and get made, sprayed and delivered

  • Is a red BB to go with my red hubs a step too far?

  • Thanks I'll have a look into that

  • Yum. British Leyland.

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  • Oh no, very much more this:

  • Ah, Mango Biege. Nice.

  • @Howard - Rapha are now sponsoring Cannondale's MTB team in the EWS.

  • Hah that is proper weird. Like 2020 couldn’t get more odd.

  • I'm pretty sure I've seen Ratboy sporting some of their wares.

  • I thought Rapha MTB range had been already been confirmed for 2020?

  • Just checked, they don't currently. Was surprised to see one of my colleagues in the video on their home page though.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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