Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • missed this first time round. That would actually match up perfectly and wouldn't need to buy the rear or faff with changing a caliper...but it is I-spec II rather than I-spec B, which means I'd need an adaptor?

    I hate I spec. It is the most confusing standard out there. The newest brakes have I Spec EV or something, and it's even more uncertain what works with what, and it seems you can't buy an I spec B handlebar clamp meaning a new shifter is the only real option. And why couldn't they just keep labelling them via letters! Who the hell thought I spec A,B, ii, EV was the way to go!?!

  • I happen to know someone who has a pair of Zee four piston brakes, less than two weeks (Alpine downhill) use.

  • Going spare if Magura's can be made to work, which Howard assures me is the case.

  • hmmm, probably overkill for me both in terms a general gurthyness and cost.

    Will also be the wrong I-Spec I-Suspect...!

  • I may be interested in a pair of nearly new Zees...

  • I am currently on Ardents 29x2.4". They have been good too me, but they likely need replacing soon. I might ride them over this coming winter and replace in the spring, maybe before if I find an interesting replacement.
    But what should I be looking at instead? I fancy trying something new just for the sake of it. I ride single track in hilly Beech forrests. It is often a bit muddy, especially in the winter. There is no rock gardens and it is not that technical. I am looking for good traction climbing in the wet and fast rolling on the gravel sections that join the more technical bits.

    Any suggetions?

  • They'd come with XT rotors, also two weeks old, light Alpine use (resulting in the arms of the rear rotor going a light brown colour). I can confirm that the Zee brakes and XT rotors (203/180) stopped the bike effectively. IDK what's fair in terms of price - £200 the lot?

  • I hate I-spec too. Bar clamp FTW!

    Maybe just change the front caliper. It's a really easy job

  • Now for the more serious question, would these allow me to mount my XTR M9100 shifter on the brake lever?

  • Yeah I've been there quite a bit, it's a good setup - there are quite a few runs, mostly fairly short but a good variety, mixture of fun DH courses, 4X, dual slalom etc and some bigger jump lines if you're into that sort of thing.
    Zoom down the hill, push or ride back up, repeat until tired. Really good for skills practice.
    You can't really get lost inside the main park.
    There is an XC loop around the outside that I used to enjoy as well but I haven't ridden that in a few years and not sure how clear the signs are, think that bit is 'unofficial'.

  • are these BH-59 or 90?

  • So, following on from amey reminding me there are of course two hose standards to consider, i've done yet more googling. My brakes use BH-59 but the calipers I want use BH-90.

    It appears that while BH-90 has a slightly smaller inner diameter, the OD is the same, and provided the right olive is used, a BH59 should fit in the 4 pot caliper. Based on what I've read, no one who has actually used the same brake with both diameter hoses has felt any significant difference. Based on this, buying a caliper and just a new olive for BH59 should work adequately and no need to splash another £15 on a new hose.

    Anyone think I'm wrong?

  • Anyone think I'm wrong?

    No. I think tester reckoned any difference within 20% would be unnoticeable.

  • That was for piston diameter, I believe, which will affect the mechanical gain you get from the hydraulic system. Hose diameter won't affect that. The only difference would be that the hose with the narrower internal bore, and hence thicker walls, will expand fractionally less when the brakes are applied. I very much doubt anyone could tell the difference on a blind test of the two different hoses. It's going to be miniscule.

  • It'll be fine. Had a set like that on my old bikepacking bike and didn't die. Just get the correct barbs for the hose. These come in two sizes too.

  • Great news all around. Thanks all. I'll update with my progress.

  • I have ordered the I-spec-ev mount for my Magura lever, hard to get the shifter in the right position with a separate clamp.

  • There is ispec ev for magura? Pls send link

  • Anything schwalbe seems to be great value (on paper)

  • Schwalbe are great.

  • What size rotors are you currently using? Just getting a bigger one if possible with your fork would be the easiest way to moer power.

  • You guys are not much help

  • if this matters (https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com­/mtb-reviews) the first maxxis tyre is at about 20th position

    but they look cool

    and very cheap on aliexpress

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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