Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • I was looking at 2FOs yesterday. (along with https://www.specialized.com/us/en/boomsl­ang-platform-pedals/p/155739)

    FiveTens always rate high for grip.

    Last ride I did was in a pair of Etnies w/ Nukeproof pedals. Grippy foot pain presumably because of the flexy nature of the shoes on pedals that are maybe a little too short.

    Just changed the pins out for longer ones on my Catalyst pedals for next test.

  • They still seem cheaper than a lot of other options.

    I have Nukeproof pedals - pinned with plastic body. They were real cheap.

  • My Nukeproof SPDs have been spot on, they've had a bashing and they're still smooth.

  • I have a pair of the five ten access knit shoes that I use for mtb. good all around shoe, originally bought as an approach shoe but works well on flat pedals. I wear them day to day too, good if you don't want something hyper specific to riding mtb.

  • Hmm, approach/mtb. Double whammy.

    Just had a look and they're a bit anti, proper banana shape with the sole poking out the back (why tf is that so common atm?)

    Suppose looks aren't everything

  • I use the Adidas trail shoes (which have the Five Ten Stealth sole), they work for me.

  • yeah, an aesthetic shoe they are not. Reckon any approach shoe with sticky rubber would work well tho. I hike / run / scramble / mtb in them so I don't mind the anti look too much.

  • Yes an approach shoe sounds appealing.
    Not that I'm ever climbing outdoors but 🤷🏾♀️

  • Looking for a 1x crankset if anyone has anything suitable they want rid of- ideally Shimano, 175mm arms, boost, 30/32T ring, aesthetic condition not too important

  • I’ve a pair of RaceFace Turbines with a 32t
    They’re boost and 170mm

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  • Converse on the bmx

    That's a lot of pedal feel, and next to no cushioning.

  • Zero arch support either.

  • Pedal feel is tip top important. Some of my fav riders ride in low top vans

    Edit: just replaced my battered converse that were talking. New ones broken in yesterday. Today, it's like I'm on a new bike. I'll have to get to the skatepark soon/tomorrow

  • I have zero arch haha

  • I ride in vans half cabs. I have some five tens and never wear them as i’d much rather be able to feel the pedals. I find my feet hurt more after a day in five tens than they do after a day in vans. Admittedly uplift/push up days rather than full XC pedalling days

  • Anyone got an IS to Post adapter for bigger rotors spare, 180mm probably, maybe even the 203?

    Weirdly, as the Santa Cruz was described as having 160mm IS mount, I put a 160 IS to Post adapter on and a 20mm 160>180 post spacer on and the caliper was nowhere near on the 180mm rotor.
    Had to stack another 20mm adapter on too so I've temporarily got an IS to Post and a stack of 2x 20mm spacers. Had to nick one from my road bike to get the nephew's MTB rolling and I want it back

  • Hmm. I think I have something that looks like that in my box of random stuff. Let me try to have a rummage later

  • It's £2 on wiggle so I'll just order one actually. Need some other bits anyway


  • Some of my fav riders ride in low top vans

    There's your answer!

  • Didn't know where to put this, was forced to clear out a few boxes at my mum's and found these. 17 yr old me recognising what to hoard apparently!

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  • @BareNecessities - that grip shift sticker 😉

  • This is awesome @MTB-Idle - thanks for sharing I'm gonna give it a go

  • glad you enjoyed it and it has inspired you to ride. let me know if you have any questions. key points already mentioned a few posts back up there.

  • Been camping in Wales for the week as a replacement for my other half’s cancelled ladies motorbike fest. Made it to bike park Wales a couple of times and it’s the most fun I’ve had on a bike in ages.
    I’m sure everyone in here has been there loads but I was amazed at the progression I could see in just 2 rides. Pedal passes only available too so I feel like I didn’t miss out on my road climbing miles either.
    CwmCarn (sp?) was really good too. Started off with what was for me a fairly brutal tech climb and then a fast fun red descent.
    Only have one mtb and felt far more justified in being on a stumpjumper than I do in Epping!

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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