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  • This is for everyone's benefit, rather than just a reply to you, but the post office 'click and drop' online service has been a good find for me. Print a label at home (obvs need a printer) and then drop it at a parcel post box.

    Finding your nearest parcel post box is the challenge. Rather than a nice map, Royal Mail just have this massive list, but apparently their app has a finder function.

    Felt quite smug dropping three things off the other day without having to interact with any germy members of the general populous.

    I don't have a printer.

  • I've just realised that an important part of my mtb kit is missing, shoes, what do people use/recommend?
    I only really wear Converse on the bmx, I'm sure that won't go down well in the mtb

  • Everybody's using these now

  • Are these 'Down Country'?

  • Do you have thin, normal or wide feet?

  • Wide flat paddles

    This is for flats btw, I have a bunch of clipless shoes for my 'cross bike

  • The DC version has a heel protector

  • They're certainly something.

  • what do people use/recommend?

    Five Ten or Adidas Terrex are a popular choice. Shame Nike don't do 6.0 any more, they were super grippy on the pedals.

  • What’s the go to quality but cheap ish flat pedal at the moment? I remember v8’s were good way back but is that still true?

  • As shit, just reminded me of my custom 6.0 IDs, my first "bmx" trainers

  • I swear by V8's on my bmx. They rattle and the silly little dust cap washer comes loose, but the bearings last.
    I've had a bunch of sealed bearing pedals fail because the bearing is tiny, as is the nut holding them on.

    Currently using some heavy AF bushing pedals on the bmx now. Will eventually aim for V8s on my new mtb.

  • I think the game has moved on a long way with MTB flats since V8s. V8s are great on a BMX when you actually want to be able to move around on the pedal but on rocks and roots you want something with more grip IME. MTB pedals are wider, grippier and lower-profile.

    Saying that I only really ride flats nowadays when I'm dicking about town so feel free to ignore me!

  • I needed some flat pedals recently. Most of the standard choices were out of stock in non lary colours. Think the nukeproof nylon pedal was the choice in the value flats world.

    I went for Bontrager line elite. Very impressed and much better than the random Chinese things I was using before. About £40.

  • Hmm, I may want to be able to move about on the pedals a bit while it's still dry-ish.

    I'm going to fit some old DX pedals (the one with the cut out 🙂) that I have knocking about. But I'll want to upgrade pretty soon.
    A friend mentioned the plastic Nukeproofs as an affordable option.

  • I've got a pair of V8s they're fine, just used them at the pump track though. They're slimmer these days, still plastic end cap though.

  • It's the silver cap on the inside over the axle that seems to like to travel

  • I have V8 on my Cotic, no problems at all.

  • I have friends who don't run V8s purely because they rattle when the bearings start to get loose. But they last for ages when rattly

  • So are we talking pedals or shoes? I’m confused

  • If shoes?

    For summer I wear a pair of Specialized 2FO 1.0 shoes. These are very nicely made, good and grippy soles, well vented but extremely narrow (good for my feet that are size 11 lollipop sticks).
    However the 2FO 2.0 was reworked and made to fit wider feet.

  • Shoes, I'll work pedals out myself

  • Ah they look good, I'm a little bit anti-specialized. What's your go to winter shoe? (If you have one that is)

  • Yep, can’t knock em.

    Winter shoes?
    I’ve three pairs of differing brands and each is a useless in the wet as the other.
    If anyone has any recommendations I’ll be listening too.

  • As far as pedals go, I’d just say I’m amazed with the grip/profile/quality of the Nukeproof Horizons.
    Recommend them to another 2 riders who’ve ridden for years and both now also sing their praises.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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