Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Proof that my timing is not what it should be

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  • I've been riding a local pump track in the week, it made going to the forest very interesting as I realised that I'm too high on the bike in my "ready" position - I need my arms and legs to be more bent so I can pump downward to gain traction and speed down the trail.

    I think I'm also rising up (or not squatting down far enough) when I move my weight back to initiate a hop as once the front wheel is in the air I end up bringing my feet up by bending my knees, which brings the rear wheel up - rather than straightening my legs as I jump upward.

  • I also noticed that I'm bending forward from my lower back, I need to bend forward at the hips so my back is straighter, arms bent, and my weight is more evenly distributed over the two axles.

  • Tell me about it. Absolutely horrible luck this week in the game of bike.
    Next time.

  • I found taking short videos of what I was doing really helpful, used one of these type of things to attach my phone to a tree stump:

  • How does Five Ten sizing compare to Rapha shoes? Particularly the Explore shoes?

  • Which do already have?

  • .

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  • Too big for me, nice colour though.

  • The Explores, moved to flats on the Kona and my Saucony A8s don't provide confidence inspiring grip on the pedals and I'm shredding the soles to bits.

  • Were you on the single speed?

  • On the off chance anyone (knows anyone who) is selling a Cotic Solaris Max (the longshot version) frame, size L, please let me know...

  • Thats my size. What you after? I could do with some flats.
    Would you post. Sadly I'm not around the corner anymore.

  • Nope. Decided that I wanted gears. Errors made.

  • You're welcome to them, however I will admit that my desire to visit the post office is a negative number.

  • @BareNecessities wtf is 'downcountry' ?!

  • A niche within a niche within a niche

    Essentially a 120mm (ish) travel XC, or lightweight trail bike

  • who do I blame for this if not you?

  • Mike Levy at Pinkbike

  • You should definitely buy one though

  • @Dammit 's Scalpel would qualify as a DC bike

  • This is for everyone's benefit, rather than just a reply to you, but the post office 'click and drop' online service has been a good find for me. Print a label at home (obvs need a printer) and then drop it at a parcel post box.

    Finding your nearest parcel post box is the challenge. Rather than a nice map, Royal Mail just have this massive list, but apparently their app has a finder function.

    Felt quite smug dropping three things off the other day without having to interact with any germy members of the general populous.

  • Moved to the Post Office thread.

    Jokes aside a good point though, at work our freaking gets collected, so just print the label, then chuck the parcel in the outgoing post. Done.

  • our freaking gets collected

    Sounds messy

  • Here's my Brighton ride to hopefully inspire you to try again.

    A slightly unsatisfactory edit as my video editor is playing up. It keeps on crashing and won't allow me to make anymore changes hence the botched ending but it gives you a great idea of the trails further south.

    48 Reasons

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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