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  • Anyone got a bit of advice on upgrading my wife's MTB. Genesis Core 20 from 2015, cheap ish fork and running gear. Wanting to get it set up 1x 11 or 12, dropper and decent fork.

    Would I just be better buying some OTP that has all this as standard?

  • talking of manuals (or are they wheelies and is there a difference or have they just been rebranded) one of my riding buddies was pulling a pretty good manual last Thursday evening


  • It's a wheelie if you're pedalling. Manual is just balance

  • I posted my Cheam/Epsom to Brighton off road route on here a few months ago and tackled it again today. It's a great ride of 100k+ on what was a great day weather wise even if tree-felling at Southwater gave us a hefty detour

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  • #26aintdead

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  • Cheam/Epsom to Brighton off road route

    Couldn't find it through search function, could you re-post?

  • id be up for that as well

  • Amazing photo! Love it.

  • thanks matey, not bad considering I was cycling off-road, uphill, one-handed whilst grabbing my phone from my back pocket, giving it a quick wipe to get rid of the sweat, unlocking it and putting it on the camera app before clicking the shutter ;-)

  • Amazing, thanks!

  • What’s a cheapo version of the Specialized Epic Evo? Like the idea of combining my XC (29, carbon, boost, 100mm) and trail (27.5+, boost, 140mm) hardtails with two wheel sets, one rugged and one lightweight...but wondering if I’d then just have an average inbetween bike.

  • You interested in a Sunday Singlespeed trip?
    Also @platypus and any others?

  • Like this one?

    If so, then 1x11 (1x12 would require new Microspline-compatible wheels). Deore M5100 is probably the best option.
    Fork, gawd knows. You'll probably have a job finding anything that's non-boost and QR compatible.
    Dropper - I'm guessing the frame doesn't have internal routing? RSP and Brand X options seem to start from just shy of £100.

    How knackered are the current parts? Or is it a case of your wife wanting summat better? Getting something OTP looks like a simpler option, but does anywhere have any stock?

  • I'll take that as no bike with more than one gear allowed?

  • Like that yeah, seems like a lot of work for a bike that might never be very good at all..... probably £250 for the 1x setup, £100 for a dropper and £200 for a fork..... might be better just getting another bike.

  • Any bike welcome!
    (Within reason)

  • No purple ano allowed

  • Today I went to Lady Cannings Plantation between Sheffield and Hathersage. A Peak District magnet for bikers. 6 year old managed it all on his rigid single speed 18inch wheels. Not sure how much the guys on full enduro style bikes were getting out of it but I’m sure they had fun. Great spot for starting with kids- easy fire road climb back to top with the toweeze and then a choice of 2 x 1.5 km swoopy berm to small rideable jump to berm etc trails that wind back down gently through the forest. Also good local byways and bridleways that kids could ride.
    Maybe I’ve unearthed why it’s so damn hard to find Houses for sale in Hathersage

  • Not sure how much the guys on full enduro style bikes were getting out of it

    The trails are really well designed. Easy enough to get into, and manageable by beginners, but the faster you ride them, the more options open up for jumps and doubles etc. Keeps it interesting for everyone.

  • After the fun I had at Redlands the other day I decided to do another 'lap one hill and find all the good stuff' session on Ranmore.

    My word there are some lovely trails there. Basically just laps of the Ranmore Common Lane climb - there are options on both sides. Bendy Wendy was my favourite of the evening, but Flinty Badman, Golden Nugget and the one I don't know the name of (turn left off the road climb at the 'caution horses' sign) were all great and running superbly.

    I had intended to head further west as well and find the trails near White Down, but just got carried away on this stuff. 6 laps of the road climb plus 3 other slogs up other bits of hill had me fairly shattered and once the sun goes down it gets dark in amongst the trees.

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  • Niiiice. That road climb...ah memories of TNRC.

  • That's the one. Surrey Hills 2 or 3? I can never remember, but it's the route with Box Hill and we dont do it in the middle of the night.

    For this it makes for the perfect winch and repeat climb. There were quite a few others out doing the same thing last night. One guy absolutely smashing the climb each time. I was just taking it easy popping a few wine gums each lap so he passed me at least three times.

  • Did you ride out and back?

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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