Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Or any better deals than this?

    There’s an extra 20% off and he reckons he can get 15% cash back. There’s a Honzo for 100 quid more, same spec but 29er

  • Went to Cwmcarn today for the first time, rode the twyrch trail. Really nice trails and afternoon out. Thinking of going back when this covids gone and attempting the dh tracks..

  • to be fair i rode rangers, not trail boss in kygyzstan ;)

  • Could anyone with an M9100 rear mech please put a ruler against the cage and tell me if it's curved or straight please?

  • I’ll be heading there tomorrow if you’re close and want company (at a safe distance).

  • I need to service my Manitou fork, it feels like shit.
    It's a Manitou Magnum Pro 27.5+/29" 120mm 15x110.
    It has gone about 5-10x past the recommended service interval, oops.

    @Dogs recommended TF Tune kit, can you shove me a link?
    @TvH thoughts?

    Would like to do this at home, no idea what tools I need, I have some money and lots of time.

  • Can't do tomorrow unfortunately, am a 9-5er in bristol. Slightly too far for an evening, esp. With traffic round here.

    Company in future would be good though, potentially post-covid.

  • That’d be good, I’m just over the bridge.

  • What's the recommended service interval for the dampener?

    Looks like you need a whole new tool kit-

  • And now that I've read it, the complete servicing doesn’t look too difficult, only problems I see are-

    money- if you don’t have all the tools already.

    specialist tools- that thin walled and flat faced socket might be difficult to come by. If Revolutions take 24mm then I’ve got one.

  • thanks, that is the perfect PDF!

    think I will buy this toolkit from germany

    loved this review:

    You might have the Park cassette tool, but is it slotted? Is your 8mm socket thin-walled enough? Is your 24mm socket chamferless? I answered No to all 3, so I bought this tool kit

  • Apparently the tyre of choice for the local hedgehogs at the moment is the Schwalbe Racing Ralph. Good choice.

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  • Day off work sick = whole day of seths bike hacks. Cringe at first, really into the channel by the end. Also recommend Cam zink’s channel

  • Peaty’s Won’t Back Down is available free on single track and probably other places. Good enough for two hour long trainer sessions!

  • Remy Metailler's and Yoann Barelli's channel is also worth a watch. Beyond gnarly and excellent for watching breakdowns of technique on the super jank.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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