Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • So Cotic are having a sale...

    Dipped into my savings and bought a BFe to replace my Ritchey.

    Anyone want a cheap Ritchey Timberwolf frame?

  • Anyone want a cheap Ritchey Timberwolf frame?

    How much is cheap?

  • So Cotic are having a sale...

    @platypus ;-)

  • £175 with the Cane Creek headset?

  • What size is it? 650b?

  • Only on the BFe, BFE26 and the Roadrat. Maybe not up platypus's street

  • Medium. Yes.

  • Too smol for my chopstick like stature unfortunately

  • Yeah. It’s buy the shock, dropper and fork and get the rest of the bike free.

  • Anyone want a cheap Ritchey Timberwolf frame?

    £175 with the Cane Creek headset?

    Unless it's trashed, that's very cheap. One sold on Ebay last week for £400.

  • It's one of the ones Merlin were selling off ridiculously cheap. It's been used and abused for a year. Lots of rub from bags/cables/wet shorts. Definitely not trashed. I feel I've had my fun out of it and I'm happy to let it go to someone on here for that.

  • Yeah, the first one is Trespasser. Will have to watch that Into The Gnar episode soon.

  • I'm sure that most readers of this thread will know Yoann Barelli but just in case, His tutorial videos are great fun-


  • I hadn’t heard of him and have been watching a few of his videos since your post - cheers!

  • You're welcome.
    I like his lust for life / cycling and what he gets upto in those woods is amazing.

  • Yeah his enthusiasm is pretty infectious. I'm not sure YouTube's closed caption algorithm likes his accent though.

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  • I ran past a small plaque and cairn of painted stones for Nick Craig’s son Charlie today. Frankly the thought of losing a kid made me go cold and have to walk back to the car, so once home I ordered a t shirt and mug from https://www.rideforcharlie.com/rideforch­arlie-shop/ . If you can spare a few quid it helps support future stars of mtb and cx.

  • Stooge MK4. Think I'll be getting one as soon as my Litespeed sales.

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  • Fork is niiiice. Not sure about the rest of it...

  • Ample space for a frame bag, 66 degree head angle, clearance for 29x2.6. 150mm head tube! And I find the clunker aesthetic very appealing.
    Not sure about the one size fits all tho.

  • Not sure about the one size fits all tho.

    Yeah, that's fine if you're like 5'7"-6'. Doesn't exactly look long though.

    It's basically a cheap Jones, right? Guess it'd be interesting to try.

  • Yeah I'd need at least 100mm stem if I didn't go with a setback seatpost. And I defo wouldn't want to slacken that seat tube angle.
    Isn't there a cheap Jones already? Think he moved production to Taiwan some time ago for his entry model.

  • Five months later, but finally got some discs on the Acid. Bad photos, haven’t used it for a couple of months and didn’t bother cleaning it before it got pushed to the back of the shed.

    Salvaged the brakes and wheels from a scrap bike at the yard, so paid pennies for a working set of avid disc brakes and the wheels and stuff.

    Need some washers and to adjust everything.

    Also put 20T on the back instead of 14, but it still felt a bit speedy on the flats. Because of the stays, limited to 34T chainring at the smallest, and even then it’s very close to the bone. Might go even lower at the back to try force me to slow down. Maybe take it to the technical trail the other side of town. Need it nice and low gearing for a change.

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  • Looks great fun. I can’t get over that seat tube!

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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