Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Where are you based jono?

    I’d suggest a few trips to Chicksands if you’ve got a car or don’t mind the few miles ride from Biggleswade.
    As the name suggests, it’s a very sandy area so the trails are flowy and rolling as opposed to technical rocks n roots.

    Although I’ve not been there for a number of years I’m certain it’s still the perfect place to learn a bit of jumping.

    The Dual Slalom and 4X courses are good for building confidence.

  • Cheers, i'm south east so not ideal but i'll keep it on the list.

    Looking at doing the jump course with Jedi in Hertforshire then as i'm going to be heading to Bath more this year stopping at Windhill to session the blues (there's a rooty red and then it's all laughably big). I've joined a group of friends at BPW a couple times and loved it each time but my car wing man/Bath stop off has given up on MTB due to other commitments which makes it too far to fly solo. TBH i should just check out the Surrey hills but i'm not much of an adventurer and like my trails sign posted!

  • Looking at doing the jump course with Jedi in Hertforshire

    You should do it, it's good. I'm thinking of doing it again to improve my confidence on gaps.

    I can do guided surrey hills rides.

  • I must be yellow wallet.

    I can get the belt, but can’t fasten a buckle.

  • My bike will be rideable by Wednesday.
    Yay. Much excite.
    Kind of think it’s too big for me but don’t care at this point

  • I think @platypus was interested so we may be able to get a group together for anyone interested.

    Guided Surrey hills ride sounds good, not sure what the conditions are like there but i'm assuming it would be more rideable come spring?

  • Can I join?

  • Take @amey with you

  • Yeah let’s do the jumps thing. Late Jan or Late Feb weekend works best for me. You?

  • Ah, fair enough. If you’re north of the Thames it’s easy enough to get to, but not worth schlepping round the M25 for.

  • Cool, i'll look into late Feb and get back to you.

    @PhilDAS of course, it's this place


  • Bit pricey for me but I’ll come along for a ride once you’ve learnt all your skills

  • Fair enough, pending numbers it'll be between £135 or £165 each for the day. After surviving but not always enjoying several trips to BPW i'd say it's money well spent.

  • I did a course with Gareth Hopkins last year and I’d highly recommend it/him.

    Talented rider and sound guy.

    He does courses in the Forrest of Dean so you could make a weekend of it and do a day with him Saturday the head over to BPW to see how much you’ve taken onboard.



  • What would more experienced riders say- 650b+ or 29 in a frame that will take both? I’m thinking 650b standard will drop the B.B. too much? So 650b+ will let me steamroll over stuff, accounting for my low skill and the fact it’s quite technical round here?
    Also I had a 29er years ago and felt a bit high off the ground.

    Is my thinking vaguely right?

  • Accidentally bought this frame today.

    Went to a different bike shop on the off-chance of a “January Sales” kinda bargain. Couldn’t afford anything complete, and only really wanted a hardtail/jump frame to replace the Marin Pine Valley. The guy said they might have something lurking up in storage, and I fell in love as soon as they brought it down.

    Gonna need some different parts, not everything will be a direct swap from the Marin. Hope to get all the cabling and whatever and sort this by the weekend.

    In London tomorrow lunchtime. What are the current options for junk-style bike shops that might have a few parts going cheap? Stubby/dirty seatposts etc?

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  • Looks cool already!

  • Pre Peak 2019 entries are live.


    I've entered for the longer route because I didn't find the shorter one quite painful enough last year (Hint: I ended the day with a trip hospital)

    Seriously tho, it's great fun (debatable) and really well organised (fact).

  • Tempted to run the Acid as a single speed with tensioner. Looks like a PX order may be necessary.

  • Heads-Up: Elephant & Castle Poundland has 26” inner tubes in. Bargain, if anyone is in need.

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  • Both the wiggle and px deliveries arrived, but by then I’d already put the rear mech in. Cycled it like this to the bike shop a few miles away to grab single chainring bolts, brake bosses etc. Pretty fun and very nippy. Definitely making it singlespeed, it rides like a jumbo bmx.

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  • Cwmcarn steep as fuck tech:


    Then I scared myself shitless looking at this:


  • Surrey Hills is as rideable as any U.K. natural trails are in winter. Get your slide on.
    The trail fairies there are also mad on jumps so lots of opportunity to practice.

  • Freebie Ti fork for my Swift

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  • Nice one! How?

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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