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  • LoL - Racist

    Genuinely 2007, so peak forum radness

  • Opinions required please.

    Mrs Hobs has an old 26er Spec. Rockhopper Pro that has seen better days, was cheap and a test of MTB enjoyment. Unsurprisingly she's a fan and looking at upgrades.

    I've got a spare 29er with Fox forks, Hope wheels, SLX/XT components, all worn but work well and I need the space. I've found a second hand Chinese Ti 29er frame for sale in her size (£450) and am thinking of moving all my old components over (same standards, QR, non-tapered headset, BSA etc).

    Can't work out if this is sensible or not, should I not bother with the frame, sell my spare and buy a new/used complete build in alu or steel, or go for Ti?

  • If you know your own second hand components work, that's half the battle. Buying complete is a risk. I'd be inclined to go steel rather than Ti, but the concept is sound

  • Good shout on knowledge of the components.

    Any reason for steel over Ti? Cost/benefit? I've always fancied a steel hardtail but I'm worried about the extra weight for the Mrs (albeit only a 16" frame).

  • 16” frame...29er....hmmmm

    Don’t buy cheap ti

  • I don't think it's sensible with her height.. only because I'm guessing she's around my height if she's on a 16" frame and I would never consider a 29er. I'd sell any parts you aren't going to need for extra cash and buy new (steel over cheap Ti) and go with 26/27.5.

  • Thanks all. I originally thought I'd be able to clean up some 26er bargains but after riding a 650b and then a 29er she's a big(er) wheel convert.

    Think I'll take the advice and keep a look out for a 650b steel build. Thanks again.

    In other news, anyone want to buy a very large 29er? ;)

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with a small-sized 29er, as long as the geo is right.

    And as above, for the money a good steel frame is gonna be better than a cheap ti frame

  • Or you could go mad and buy some decent Ti in 26er mode.... :)


  • Ha ha, already eyed up your add (nice build) and determined it was too big for the Mrs.

    Had flirted with buying @Howard's Stanton but Mrs Hobs sadly ruled out anything 26 (I tried to convince otherwise).

  • Fair enough, that Stanton is/was lovely

  • Where are you based? She's welcome to try my small SC Bronson for size (it's a small), I'm in Surrey most weekends if you're ever about riding.

  • Need some new XC / CX shoes. Any suggestions before I submit to the usual Sidi / Giro purchase?

  • Foot shape? I have massively wide feet so I buy Lakes. I love mine.

  • Feets are sidi compatible

    Good shout on Lakes though

  • I had a pair of the Mega Dragons for a long time. I didn't realise how uncomfortable they were until I tried Lakes. Heavens parted, choirs sang, my toes could wiggle ..

    Seriously, if they go out of business I'm fucked. Buy their shoes. Keep them solvent. TIA

  • Big fan of Gaerne shoes here

  • This POS Rockshox axle has sheared straight off. How do I get my wheel out now?

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  • Anyone want to ride in Epping Forest tomorrow? Nothing serious, just a bit of fun in the snow.

  • Let me see if its impractical to get to work first

  • Suggestions please from the hive mind.

    After a year out with a fuxxored elbow I'm gearing up to start riding again. In the meantime, I have gone down the interwebz rabbit hole of impact of bar shape on physiology. I'd like to try something with more sweep.

    I have Mary bars but I didn't get on with them for road riding. I like the look of the Fleegles but they are on closeout so all they have left are white and 25.4 clamp.

    What's not a bank breaking alternative to Fleegles?

  • Fleegles, a shim and a sharpie?

  • Maybe give the On One OG bar a try? Lots of sweep, but not as extreme as the Mary.

    Personally, I've found that wider bars put more load on my shoulders, whereas narrower ones focus it more on my elbows. So perhaps avoid anything under 700mm.

    Making sure the bars are in the correct place is the most important thing imo, so experiment with stem height & reach. I tend to ride fairly upright, so that my hands are gently resting on the bars. There's no way I'd be riding a rigid fork otherwise.

  • Saw those. I was aiming more for something closer to 15 degrees which was the appeal of the Fleegle.

    Origin8 seem to do something as well but I can't find a UK stockist for their bars. I like the Surly options but they are a bit spendy for testing. The Humpert stuff on SJS I wouldn't take off road.

    I might just be stuck with the OGs

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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