Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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of 911
  • I'd be up for that fella. Would be good to see you!

  • Anyone looking for a 31.6 dropper post?

    I have a Crank Bros leaver operated Joplin that still works that I'd want £20 for.

  • I would also be keen

  • A few of us who are 'on here' did Strathpuffer this weekend as a quad, it was quite the event and amazing in many, many ways.

    I've started a write up here that should be public, if my computer skills have improved...

  • I get verboten

  • bugger

    er, try signing in?

    edit - Think I have fixed it, try now

  • How often do you guys use your droppers?
    Ive got a QR atm which is fine but how can the benefits of droppers be reaped?
    Do they bring themselves back up and you could set and reset it on the fly in quick succession? Dunno if thatd ever be needed like...basically when you get one do you realise its a necessity or a welcome convenience?
    I like the idea but not some of the prices and need swaying.

  • I think there's a BrandX one which is reasonably cheap (~£100?). Most reviews say it's pretty good but there are few that say it fails or is unreliable or whatever. Check it out

  • How often do you guys use your droppers?

    they are kinda nice if you are doing more roudy stuff

    it's good to learn how to get airborne with a full seatpost though

  • Riding along a trail, approach steep descent, drop post, descend like a boss, extend post again.

    Life changing.

  • I drop the post pretty much completely when I go to the local trail but thats just jumps, I ride it full mast on the road to em and im trying to make that bike less specific by putting gears and better stuff so I can ride through the woods to get to the woods.
    Ill go faster and further right?
    Which ones hold their value... maybe I should just try.

    A bill is too much for me though really.

  • This is whats in my head tbh.

    Gonna rinse my data on youtube


  • ---anyone want to ride dirt near london (epping/surrey/canals) this SATURDAY let me know---

  • Could do - assuming baby doesn't decide it's time

  • Anyone want a mudhugger set for a 26" wheel bike? I haz spare. Hit me up.

  • Yeah, you too.

    I'll confer with the Swansea boys, set a days and start an event thingy. They're keen to go back to the Surrey Hills.

  • Okay cool. I'll set up an event thread soon.

  • +1 possibly if Epping Forest on Saturday morning

    Edit: if this is full fat mtb-big then no, but if a crosser could enjoy, then yes.

  • Since I got one in November it’s changed the way I ride. I’m way more confident hitting jumps and drops as I know I’m not going to get caught out. Climbing hills I can put it right up and not worry about having to get out of my saddle. So I’ve only really used it on trails so far, but my mums partner does XC and finds it useful too.
    It’s also super fun showing someone who’s never seen one and seeing their eyes pop out haha.

  • Dropper posts are the most significant single innovation in MTB technology since downhill super-robot Aaron Gwin.

    His recent personality software upgrade has made people mostly forget he's really made of wire wool and flesh-coloured plasticene.

  • Also good for chilling out at traffic lights.

  • To me they're probably the single most useful bit of tech on a bike, in terms of making riding better and more fun. Suspension and gears make life easier, but a dropper means you don't have to choose between stopping and fiddling or putting up with a shit saddle height.

  • I nearly bought one once.

  • Droppers are brilliant, you never realise how much you need to one til you have it. I hate riding off road without one now. The Brand X one is brilliant and pretty cheap.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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