Cheap(ish) Alu Track Frames - Nelson

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  • Only doing this because I can't afford one (even at these prices). But for those of you that want some decent (ie mid-level) track Alu then Nelson bikes are having a clearout on their Alu track frames. Seem pretty decent for the money (225 quid), but then only you can decide that:­plid=m4b0s213p628

    Just thought I'd pass it on.

    'Bout the only concern I'd have with these frames is that the track ends do not seemed to be reinforced, but then neither do lots of cheaper Alu frames and its a damn finer looking ride than a Langster.

  • hmmm 74.5/74 isn't bad geometry.

  • Looks a really decent frame for the price

  • I checked those out a while ago.

    things I liked:

    carbon fork, with brake hole.
    it's got Nelson written on it.
    hipsters will hate it.

  • seems like it's got an odd tt:st ratio.

  • Nothing beats an alf webb for hipster hatage surely? Although it also isn't a track bike. I reckon RPM would absolutely love my alf webb actually. Haha. Well al webb now. Soon to just be a webb, or maybe just a, if i can be bothered to peel the awful stickers off.

  • you're quite safe.

    I've seen one in the flesh and it nearly made me ill

  • Surosa have got 57cm Pinarello track f&f for around £210.
    That doesn't look too bad.

    I'm not an alu fan though.

  • Surosa

    Where's that then?

    This first one's nice, but at GBP2000 so it should be...

  • Cinelli F&F

    This is more like it at GBP440...

  • Bargain corner and scroll down to the frame. Carbon fork, alu frame @ £209.99
    57cm only though.

  • Oh yeah, very nice!

  • Platini Cinelli F&F

    This is more like it at GBP440...

    as much as i would love a cinelli frame, the geometry on this leads me to be very disappointed in cinelli.

  • Anyone got anything new to comment on why I should or shouldnt buy a NELSON HE9001 Track Frameset for HH????????

  • I'm with the 'should' people.

    If I was in a position to own a fixed for the road, and a separate one for the track, I'd definitely be getting a Nelson for the track.

    • cheap, but not nasty.
    • Kinesium tubing: light, tough, haven't heard of any issues about its lifespan - no qualms at all about it on my fast geared bike.
    • geometry looks decent for track.
    • Factory where it's made has excellent quality control.
    • no irksome Italian BB threads or stupid seatpost diameter.
    • I don't give too much of a shit about paintjobs, as long as I don't hate them... I don't hate it.
    • the lack of steel inserts on the track-ends isn't a problem; or at least it hasn't been in the 6 years I've owned my Condor alu Pista.
    • not the end of the world if it got fucked up in a bad stack.

    In fact, if my Condor died - and even though it has to perform in many different contexts - I'd still be comparing the Nelson against a replacement alu Condor.

  • By rights I should be all over this. Where's the money when you need it?

  • I have Graham Weigh with carbon forks, really nice, really stiff
    PM me if you are interested

  • Looks great!

  • Anyone any experiences with the Nelson so far? I'm really interested in ordering it.
    Dolan Pre-Cursa (frame only) is interesting, too... What do you thing about this comparison?
    (I'm going to ride it in the streets)

  • I have one, it great on the streets. i ride it hard and it just takes it on the chin. lovely frame really light, BB not the best threading so make sure there are no shards or loose thread b4 fitting the BB.

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Cheap(ish) Alu Track Frames - Nelson

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