• Sorry if I'm being a pain, but as a total noob, might I inquire where the game will happen tonight?

  • Would you like them to hold the camera for you as well?

    Address first page.

  • No worries, Newington Gardens on Harper Road. It is near elephant & castle and I believe that there is a map on the firt post of the thread.

  • Would you like them to hold the camera for you as well?

    Address first page.

    Down john. down. good boy.

  • Thanks a lot, hope to catch you later

  • 5.17

  • If my new guitar arrives today I'll be shredding, but if it doesn't... 6.30...

  • 5.18 unless it's raining, in which case it'll be 5.19

  • If it's raining, who's up for Peckham?

  • Yeah. I reckon it'll clear though.

  • I might come down for a couple tonight if it isnt raining

  • Is this Urban Bike Hammer Ball?
    In at 6.

  • Weather looks good + James = awesome :)

  • Thanks very much for the unexpected game.

  • Anybody know who the San fransiscan over for the day was? He's on LoBP but I think he said not Lfgss, he's getting the eurostar tomorrow, left his water bottle. Joni has, in old street, pm me and I'll give her number?

  • Nice one sorethroat, you did well. Maybe see you at beginners!

    Yeah Ben from San Fran, I have your bidon and will be at Old St. tomorrow.

    Thanks for the games too, I've got to learn the stale bread move, and 4-4 is now called 'beer point'.

    Nice games all, cheers.

  • Looks like ladies won't happen tonight, so anyone want to do Newt throw-ins instead?

  • I can dress up in a wig if it helps?

    *not actually going to be in London either, sorry. I doubt there will be much polo this weekend, unless casuals step up...

  • Maybe post in the casuals thread?

  • Is this Urban Bike Hammer Ball?
    In at 6.

    So selfish... More warning next time, OK? x

  • Ill be down for throwing if they happen

  • Sat 25th June

    1. Sandy in from 12

    Meant to be 23 degrees.

  • just been rounding the troops for this, we might well get 6.

    Need to build my wheel first so probs not 12.

    1. Sandy in from 12
    2. Xander

    Definitely in but just not sure of what time. tempted to do track before then come for polo

    1. Sandy in from 12
    2. Xander
    3. CowHen

    I could probably make 12, depends how late i stay out friday...

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South London Bike Polo (Tues/Thurs/Sun) - Newington gardens SE1 / Agnes Riley gardens SW12

Posted by Avatar for skoota @skoota