• Yes and I took you off ignore because I wanted to know why people were telling you to stay away from women's polo.
    Trust me, I'm not lying about it.
    Now, anything else before I turn it on again?

  • Mega Creep.


  • Yes, quite distracting ... best if you stay in the bushes, we forget that you're there if we can't see you.

  • pedo ben.

  • Ani gif,

  • tomorrow anyone?

  • There is an NE contigent that is up for games.
    Im just trying to figure out where though.

  • Yeah, only a few lowbie league games tomorrow at newt.

  • I need to practice some songs in the morning but deffo up for some Newt action later...

  • im in for newington all tomorrow

  • Chill out, young man...

    And BTW it's spelt Grom Up*...

    • Old fucking skoool Sarf shizzle...

    Yeah man, I hear you.

  • dum di dah di dah...im in. 11 oo i sees a league gameo. 11 it is.

  • Deffo in after some shredding, beautiful day for it...

  • sola polo with a plastic bottle at newg, in a day like this, sad.

  • go NE

  • is anyone up for some polo tonight?

  • Theoretically yes, but I'd need to borrow a mallet.

    The weather is awesome.

    Had an interview in reigate hence not bringing my mallet, but rode from interview into work on polo bike. Nice way to start the week :)

  • In... Unless it rains... In which case I'm out...

  • it won't rain! it'll just white cloud...

    in for 7ish...

  • down possibly up ... 4 it

  • dinos shall be there. original line up.

  • In for 5.15 or so (work permitting) :)

  • in for 5.30,

    Kev i have that 5 sided tool with me if your heading down, if not no worries

  • dinos shall be there. original line up.

    are you around the cross again today? we could roll down together like old times. i text you.

  • 5.30-ish... Polo gear from W8 = No fun, dunno how James does it from all the way out west...

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South London Bike Polo (Tues/Thurs/Sun) - Newington gardens SE1 / Agnes Riley gardens SW12

Posted by Avatar for skoota @skoota