• indeed nice to have you both back on court.

  • Good fun last night folks. Glad I finally got a chance to make it down for a Weds night.

  • BMD vs. Spring Break was pretty special... Two epic blowouts too, weird... Hope you guys got home OK...

  • I'm still getting the odd bit of ringing in my ears today, jeepers.

    Got home just fine, Chukker stayed with me as we pootled along.

  • As always a pleasure to be in the dirty South.
    And spy the 14 prototype.

  • As always a pleasure to be in the dirty South.
    And spy the 14 prototype.

    I heard rumor supposedly the stains didn't wash out of Phils pants.

  • Polo this wkend who's in and when?

    i need to make plans around it..

  • I'm in for early Sunday if the weather holds out...

  • Rusties in for Sat am.

  • Looking like Saturday at Downham and Sunday at Newt...

  • im in for am tomorrow too

  • Team practice? We need it.

  • i'm working =(

  • i fucking love the black keys.

  • po.lo.

    i can get down early if anyone wants to slackkkk it up.

  • I'm up for early. Adam's got a day off as well.

  • das polo, yeah.

  • 6.30 for me, Alicia might be up for slackers though. What time are you going to be there?

  • i'm going to see how day goes 3/4earliest

  • I thought it was gonna rain tonight so planned to meet an old friend instead... Grrrrrrrrrr!!!! :[

  • is your friend as old as you?

  • She's 29...

  • Yo.

  • is your friend as old as you?

    No-one with a pulse is as old as Joe. Apart from me.

  • Old soldiers never die, they just fade away...

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South London Bike Polo (Tues/Thurs/Sun) - Newington gardens SE1 / Agnes Riley gardens SW12

Posted by Avatar for skoota @skoota