• Not too useful for now but I should be able to get a vinyl sticker printed in a few weeks (when uni starts again).

  • i can gain access to a laminator through work... upto A3... swanky wanky... hopefully will make it down tomorrow night... can talk there Dave... or PM/facebook/email/write/phone/mms/sms/wr­ite/fax/page/homing peogen (dyslexic)/word of mouth/sign to me and we can sort something out.

    All stupidity aside i can have the poster ready for tomorrow night if someone can knock something up and i can get into the right room and make it down tomorrow.

  • The lady from the council said that they have permanently switched off the Tanner Street lights due to constant abuse of the light box.

    I fear this could end up being the case with Newington as well. However, she is going to send someone to have a look. Probably not in time for tomorrow.

    This is a load of fucking bollocks. Just because something gets vandalised every so often doesnt give the council the right / option just to abandon a public resource.

    I might be there later Hops. Would be good to chat with you about your progress with the council.

  • I haz lamination powerz

  • Yeah souths in earlyish as poss if no lights means darky darky polo might be there by 530

  • finish at 6. eta 6.30

  • We need to put a notice on the electric box explaining that if people fuck with the lights they will be switched off for good

    Might be good to put a notice up saying "Warning - severe risk of electrocution if these lights are tampered with. 3 people already seriously injured in 2010. Please do not touch." And put the Southwark logo at the bottom.

  • Can anyone bring a spare mallet for hamsandwich (Jack)?

  • No lights is tough going. I am very out of practice as well.

    Also, I think I'm just going to stick with the beginners sessions until I get my plate removed. I was shitting myself last night in any potential confrontation. If there is any accident where my bone was to break, having a piece of metal in there (which wont break on impact) will cause loads of extra serious problems, with ripping the flesh apart etc.

    Hops good luck with the council. If you need an extra voice to call up Southwark, let me know, things have calmed down for me so I have more free time now.

  • https://www.lfgss.com/thread51716.html#p­ost1663396

    The first LHBPA courts meeting has been scheduled, please check the above thread for information.

    If you can't access the thread it probably means you aren't a member of the LHBPA, please consider joining (it's only a fiver) and you could help to get a polo specific court built in London.

  • anyone want to slack at newington from about 530?

  • skoota, you going to be at newington?

  • it looks like just you and me so probs not unless another 3 come...want to go to Q rd..?

  • Camberwell right? OK. I'll be there at half 6.

  • ok meet you there.

  • i will miss souths today.

  • What time are people in? I can slack.

  • Should be there half pass 5 if not earlier

  • Apologies for spamming but it would be good to see some more faces at the courts meeting.

    Details here: https://www.lfgss.com/thread51716.html#p­ost1674926

  • P. O. L. O.

    get some.

    i finish at four... slackers????

  • It's gonna piss down all day... :[

    I've got my mallet, will pop down straight after work... Might be able to finish early...

  • i'm not going to check weather reports. if its not raining thats all i need to know. i'm planning on heading down. Gormley can you get out early? James? 4 makes a game...

  • might...keep me posted

  • Will be there from 5pm.

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South London Bike Polo (Tues/Thurs/Sun) - Newington gardens SE1 / Agnes Riley gardens SW12

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