• Just been to my first ever polo session at Newington Gardens. Was unbelievable fun, will definitely be back! Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and welcoming.

  • Any bike polo on this thursday? I was wanting to go to my first ever session haha it looks fun!

  • Yo you guys play on saturdays? I’ll be rolling through next week (16th) could be cool to come and hang out and see you all!

  • Hey Josef, yes we are playing this Thursday (6th) at Newington gardens SE1 games will start at 7pm.

    Feel free to come past, say hello and give it shot.

  • nice I will totally be there, do I need to construct a mallet?

  • We will provide everything you need for tomorrow night. Just turn up and have some fun. See you then

  • Im in fam!! will try to get some games going

  • uk champs in april ?

  • Years ago @Shinscar (?) bought a bunch of bamboo poles and it was the style for everybody to build them up into mallets (then break them).

    I never made mine so have a free bamboo pole in E10 7PD.

    So if anybody wants to polo like its two thousand oh nine, come grab it (before Saturday night).

  • Hey
    Me and a friend would like to try bike polo, meet some people, have beer/s etc
    You do beginners sessions still? How often and when ? What do I need?
    Working in hospitality so need to plan ahead.
    Thanks Alex

  • Hey there!

    We are playing tomorrow from 7 of you are keen, bikes provided and yeah do pop by if you can!

    Newington Gardens SE1, should be playing Sunday too if tomorrow don't fit your schedule.

  • Hey, had a puncture this morning so rode the polo bike out on the school commute, another dad riding with his son said to his son hey we could play bike polo, bike polos a lot of fun. If you are on here, sorry I was paying too much attention to my son and the road to see who it was if I know you and if I don’t, Hello! :-D

  • Hey, any bike polo tonight or wed at Newington Gardens? Rob

  • It's usually Tuesday and Sunday for South polo nowadays.

  • Tutus Vs Dingle at Newington tomorrow 6.15pm; Rule No.1 v Late To The Party 7.15, ref and heckling welcome.

  • Is anyone up for subbing for me on Apolocalypse Now tomorrow (17/11)? Playing mmmBop at Mitch. I'm not very good so someone of a similar skill level would be ideal!

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South London Bike Polo (Tues/Thurs/Sun) - Newington gardens SE1 / Agnes Riley gardens SW12

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