• Cool I’ll be there!

  • Actually on a side note, having dusted off my polo bike I’ve been reminded of some odd build choices i made when I made put the the bike together, specifically crazy short cranks. They are something like 140mm (I thought the front end would be very low since I have a 700c/26in wheel combo but I was being paranoid). I’m thinking of putting on some Onza t-birds but sourcing a slightly bigger chainring. Does anyone have recommendations/advice? All replies gratefully received.

  • Doing some shopping, see you in 15!

  • Ah sorry mate was talking about Thursday

  • Anyone up for tomorrow?

  • I always found Pinkbike.com good for getting cheap mountain bike bits. What size chainring are you looking for? I’ve got a couple lying around.

  • I’m in for Thursday :)

  • @CowHen that’s great, I’m looking for some 165/160mm cranks with a 30-something chainring. Was going to try a ratio out and see what it rode like.

  • I'll be there Thursday

  • Mya and I are in for Thursday

  • In for Thursday @RobbieW 🤩

  • Thursday polo:
    PoloMo (from the forum)

  • In for tonight y'all

  • It’s meet at 7pm right? Look forward to it!

  • Good games tonight, great to see new faces!

  • Yeah really enjoyed that, blast from the past! Need to practice and have a think about how best to upgrade my retro polo bike :)

  • Not sure what I will do next week as can’t make Thursday.

  • Ok so just musing after last night, does anyone have recommendations on front disk brake make/model?

  • Ok more musings but will keep it short, I’ve got a two speed Brompton hub here that is the correct track spacing, possible commute/polo combo rear wheel like Jimmy’s? Only thing is it’s 28 hole but I think you could build it strong, any thoughts?

  • Hub gears will be heavy but you could build it up strong enough, it's just balls will go through the wheel for sure.

    re: Disc brake, a lot of us just have the standard Deore guy that's like £60 (often £40 on CRC) all in. Some of us upgraded to XT recently and regret it (they don't seem to be as robust/we've had lever problems).

  • Thanks for the info, I was having a bit of an excited 5 mins I think, the Brompton hub was a silly idea. Its not actually a hub gear but a little freehub body that can take two Shimano style sprockets. Its just neat it can fit in a track spaced frame.

    Anyway first step is to improve the brake lever I have operating the v-brakes but long term I'm going to save up to get a disk on the front with bash guard. My current lever has a pivot in the mechanism to try and even out braking force which kinda defeats my bias loading.

    I picked up an old unused 1/8th inch mallet head off ebay, also got my other old school mallet which is much longer but not capped. I may try and re-do my capped head on another ski pole too.

  • been looking at Chukker rims and Milwaukee 48 spoke hubs, one day maybe :)

  • Any polo tonight? Might be in

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South London Bike Polo (Tues/Thurs/Sun) - Newington gardens SE1 / Agnes Riley gardens SW12

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