• Thursday night.

    Outback spectacular giveaway! Polo things, shirts and laughs to be had from 7 (for me.) come on dowwwwnn and get yourself a bargain. Who’s in?

  • TAPEY TAP OUT. This Saturday from 2.00pm at newington gardens! The worm is wriggling away to Deutschland. Come say goodbye and get involved with the tap out. Going to have drinks and festivities late into the night. Much love. Hope to see you!

  • Thursday Funday:

    1 Tapey
    2 Beagle

  • Thursday Funday:

    Aus Max

  • Thursday Funday:

    Aus Max

  • In tomorrow

  • Also in for the Tape out on Saturday!!

  • Running late! Coming still though! ;)

  • So what's the plans then? Peeps still up for a BBQ? ;)

  • Yes on my way soon come on people lets start early

  • In. Be there soon

  • Polo today anyone?

  • An 18 year old was murdered last night near Newt. Stay safe all.

  • Holy crap

  • Polo tomorrow? Also we have a visitor on Sunday who's pretty keen to play. Who's up for it?

    1 Beagle

    Sunday has now been moved to Pitch as there's a league game so numbers are confirmed!
    1 Beagle

  • Over the past few months with numbers growing again, a few of us have fedback the schedule isn't optimal. Newington Gardens is a central London location with lighting, as such it gets played on in the evenings immediately following players work days.

    • Most South players also play at weekends, namely Agnes on Sunday. The current schedule has resulted in Mondays numbers dropping off (players are either fatigued or 'have had their fix', players who for whatever reason cannot join on Sundays are often then denied a potential day to play).

    • On weeks of a Bank Holiday, players are also denied a day of playing as there isn't enough players/appetite already in or close to central London.

    • On weeks following a weekend tournament, players not at said tournament are also denied a day of play because of fatigue/travel of other southies.

    I'd like us to vote on changing the weekday schedule to Tue&Thurs away from Mon&Thurs, I've created a transparent poll below but also take this opportunity to raise any problems I might be overlooking or different solutions.


    • The current schedule has come out of moving our days previously to accommodate North players around Mitchison Rd court users. It goes without saying we wouldn't ever have a schedule that conflicted with Mitch, but I also wouldn't like to be inconveniencing players who like to play both locations: I don't think this proposal changes that (two days of play are still 'in a row') regardless. Am I wrong?

    • I have reached out to the footballers digitally but haven't heard anything back. I will volunteer to pass the court in the next few evenings to try and gauge if there are other users of the court who may have a set schedule this proposal might conflict with.


  • Aborted. Lame...

    Let's keep it Monday and Wednesday Thursday!

    Newington Tuesday (today!):
    Tony (if can finish on-time)

  • Don't you mean Monday and Thursday.... Beagle winkie

  • Whatcha talking about... ;)

  • Thursday:

    1 Beagle

  • Is there anything going on on the whatsapp?

  • Sunday polo?

    1 Beagle

  • It’s surprising to have only one for a Sunday.... is it going on though?

  • This Sunday is hard because so many players are at the tournament in Porto.


    1. Jimmy
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South London Bike Polo (Tues/Thurs/Sun) - Newington gardens SE1 / Agnes Riley gardens SW12

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