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  • They once decided (at the archery club) to practice on cattle
    You could see the bulls sigh

  • I was having trouble getting my rifle to work
    So I dug out the instruction manual and looked up the trouble shooting section

  • I offered my soldier friend a cup of PG tips but he nearly shat himself.
    The safe tea was off.

  • An out of work thespian friend of mine has retrained and is working in a sausage factory
    His career has been getting from bard to wurst

  • My granddad fell into a vat of invisible ink and that was the last I ever saw of him.

  • Bugs Bunny won’t accept any files sent by WeTransfer or Google Drive, the only way to send him something is as a WhatsApp doc.

  • Apparently camouflage is in fashion this season but I never see anyone wearing it!

  • Where did that hacker go?


  • Excellent

  • A friend of mine has invested in a scheme to make a camouflage plane
    I'm not sure I can see this getting off the ground

  • A pirate friend of mine always wears camouflage underpants
    It helps to hide his booty

  • All this technology stuff is nothing new
    The Bible tells us that Moses downloaded data from the cloud to his tablets

  • True story, a friend of mine used to call alpacas and llamas "Happy camels"

    Because they haven't got the hump!

    Excellent. Using that the next time I lead a walking group. 👍

  • What’s blue and doesn’t fit?

    A dead epileptic

  • good grief

  • Made me laugh.

  • A friend of mine has just returned the compost they bought at the garden centre
    Apparently it was shop soiled

  • A friend of mine has just been arrested for seal hunting
    We're all clubbing together to get them released

  • Bin Night >>>>>>>>>>>

  • I’m always more surprised when I find there’s not a thread for something on here :-D

  • I was pondering this fact just yesterday.

    Is it the case that

    A) most forums (fora?) Like LFGSS eventually spread out to cover almost all topics?

    or B) Bike forums do so?

    or C) Geographically based forums where people get to know each other IRL do so?

    or D) microcosm levels of usability promote them to do so?

    or E) a lack of "keep to topic" moderation allows them to do so?

    or a mixture of the above?

    I don't see XDA Developers forums having threads about watches / gardening / plumbing / art / jokes etc etc

  • I don’t get the gag, stay on topic.

  • Some of those definitely the work of parents - not many primary school kids able to reference the oeuvre of Vinny Jones.

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Jokes / Joke du jour!

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