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  • They should give the detective that catches the killer erase

  • I was standing next to hamlet in the stationers who was pondering over the pencils
    ' 2b or not 2b ? '

  • Someone else was seriously injured during the incident. They are in hospital, their condition is Stabilo

  • Providing his evidence isn't a bit sketchy.

  • Have they got any leads?

    They are drawing upon expert witnesses

  • I've just seen a news report about someone being murdered with a pencil

    So are the police treating it as a pencil case ?

  • I'm sure they will catch the killer easel y

  • They are drawing upon expert witnesses

    Sounds a bit sketchy..

  • ypu're all so sharp

  • Sounds a bit sketchy..

    Thats just the current staedtler of the investigation

  • The jokes are just 2H ent.

  • If he achieves a conviction he's sure to be propelled through the ranks.

  • you can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead

  • Thieves have stolen the lavatories from my local police station

    Detectives say they have nothing to go on

  • What’s the opposite of a croissant......?

    A happy uncle

  • A glue manufacturer friend of mine was thinking of retiring
    I've managed to persuade them to stick it out for another year

  • A sewage worker friend of mine wants to retire.

    I've convinced them to carry on going through the motions.

  • A goat farmer acquaintance was considering retirement.

    I've talked then into keeping at it for the sake of the kids.

  • I have a radiologist friend who was planning to retire early but I advised them to see it through.

  • I heard Barbara Windsor was thinking of packing it all in.

    I sent her a letter to convince her to carry on.

  • A friend of mine has just been made redundant at mensa
    But they're looking on the bright side

  • A seamstress friend of mine is having marital difficulties

    They're feeling rather hemmed in

  • Two manicurist friends of mine are having marital difficulties
    They're filing for divorce

  • A colander sales person friend is having marital difficulties
    Their relationship is under strain

  • A cheese maker friend of mine has seen his business collapse. It’s affected his marriage. They no longer curdle, everything’s gone sour and they have separated.

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Jokes / Joke du jour!

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