Wiggle are being Nobs

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  • That's probably from one of my cats

    Sorry, they do seem to get EVERYWHERE

  • not mine either, maybe @cake ?

  • @witts which bibs are they? Pad looks decent.

  • They’re Gore short tights+ C3 . I imagine the bibs have the same pad though.

    Wiggle didn’t exactly apologise but gave me a free returns label 🙄.

    Re-ordered directly from GORE.

  • Is the pube still available? PM sent.

  • Just opened a dispute with Wiggle regarding a Hermes package. They sent me an email confirmation that it was delivered (to my workplace which has a 24hr staffed desk and postroom), but nothing doing - until they sent me another notification two weeks later that it was ready for delivery, then delivered again. Still nothing doing.

    Wiggle sent me a grandiose email saying that Hermes were going to launch a full investigation, search their stockroom, interview drivers etc - then when I completed the form that supposedly launches the investigation, they immediately offered me a full refund. Hermes are a joke.

  • People who can fill in forms are dangerous.

  • People who bother to fill in forms are few and far between.


    Put the form there as a sort of ‘barrier’ and just ping anyone that actually bothers doing it a full refund?

  • Well, I'd hate to cast aspersions, but I consider that eminently possible.

  • Big thanks to Wiggle for sending my chain minus it's packaging; swimming around in the postage bag, covering the other stuff I ordered in chain lube.

  • Received mudguards that someone has already dremelled to get round their stays -returned with rather curt explanation on their comments bit. They claim this was 'damaged in transit' also (is this a way to try to get me to pay for the return?). F*ck right off.

    Good job it's sunny out...

  • Wiggle cookie settings are like they are still using dial-up modem. And the reject or accept settings are both called 'accept...'. Spent the GDPR budget all on Haribo?

  • Received duplicate of a next-day delivery order I made / received at end of April. Weird.

    No Haribo though. Cunts.

  • Just received some Haribo from Sigma Sports (y)

  • Lorry driver shortage threatens Haribo sweets: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-5769­0505

  • They shud respect are queen and flag and switch to Swizzles.

  • Made the mistake of ordering from Wiggle earlier this month. My order fell into a Hermes black hole. Eight days ago the update was "We're sorry your parcel has been delayed, we'll have it on the move in the next 24 hours". No updates on tracking since then. Wiggle ignore all emails / send me form responses. The Hermes delivery guy who came with something else says Hermes can't help, I need to speak to Wiggle. But Wiggle are uncontactable.

    It's my fault for ordering from this company. This is not the first time it's happened.

    What do I do now? More emails? Try to do a chargeback?

  • Ordered a pair of GP5000s, a pair of shorts and some Carb drink arrived.
    They are saying up to 19 days to refund me and not answering emails

  • Their returns process is a nightmare.

    Need to send a returns form and photos. But the email allegedly can’t be over 6MB. According to them if you don’t get an acknowledgment to your email then it means it was oversized.

    So how come when I even try sending an email with only text do I still not get an acknowledgment response?

    So basically you can only email them, but they don’t accept the email so nothing happens. When you contact their chat service you are told your email must have been oversized.

    It’s like trying to serve a writ to Prince Andrew.

  • Just don’t use Wiggle. They’re a bunch of price shaggers who really cause a lot of LBS’s a lot of grief, and if it goes wrong you’re in a world of pain, as you’ve found out.

  • Difficult when my lbs doesn’t stock what I want and in fact the nearest POC vendor is miles away and also doesn’t actually stock the item I want anyway. So my options were wiggle, a n other online shop or buy direct from POC and have the hassle of international returns.

  • To be fair, when I worked in an lbs wiggle/crc we’re invaluable in getting us out of some binds when we’d need single items like a cassette or a mech for a repair and they were cheaper than Madison for the item, cheaper on postage (often free) and would get stuff to us in half the time.

    Is the requirement for photos a new thing? Last time I returned something it was just a case of printing a return form and chucking it in with the item.

  • I've not had any issues at all returning things either. The process was always really easy, though I have only ever returned unused items. I think they only ask for photographs in the case of a faulty/damaged/incomplete item in case they can fix the issue without a return.

  • they were cheaper than Madison

    Why is this?

  • They go straight to the manufacturer and buy in quantities that dwarf what madison buys so get things at better rates.

    They also buy up unused oem and ‘previous year’ componentry for less than Madison (etc) can.

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Wiggle are being Nobs

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