Wiggle are being Nobs

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  • One week after sending email to warranty carbon wheels which the freehub has gone in3 weeks and no reply

  • Anyone brought anything from Wiggles using AMEX? I brought a pair of Mavic UST SL wheelset but not received any money taken out of my account. I dunno if this is a delay or that this is how they handle AMEX transactions?

  • Never mind that’s gone through.

  • Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any more weird.
    Monday afternoon I put an order in with Wiggle for a MTB groupset.
    Took the free postage option.
    Today Yodel delivered an intact box of shiny new bike parts!

    No haribo though, so i still class them as nobs.

  • No haribo though

    No haribo in my last order either but then I did get some in an order from Sigma Sport so,

    Wiggle = knobs
    Sigma = sound cunts

  • ordered yesterday paid for delivery on tues.

    Delivered today = ace.
    Left in bin as was out as not expecting delivery = nobs.
    No haribo = ?

  • Best thing to do with Wiggle orders is use the free Collect Plus service. It's almost always next day delivery and you don't have to put up with awful couriers. Granted I'm fortunate to live less than 1 minute away from a Collect Plus location.

  • I seem to be on an unlucky streak. Three times in a row I have received my items and there has been a wrong item, in the correct packaging. It's getting old contacting Wiggle to get this sorted out. They must think I'm pretty sketchy as well, by this stage.

  • The collect plus service used by Wiggle is the 24 hour one, they just don't advertise it as you need to place the order in time for it to be processed, which varies I guess by busyness.

    The alternative is to order a 'hazardous' product, something like an aerosol product and it goes onto next day delivery automatically even if you select free delivery.

  • I only use our 3-minute-walk Collect Plus location for (well you guessed it) Collect Plus, mainly Wiggle returns (no ASDA around for free returns and couldn't be arsed to go all the way to Roehampton) and the guy always asks "is there anything else" and I always reply "no" and feel unnecessarily guilty afterwards... I prefer paying that £9.99 yearly sub to get all packages delivered next day by Hermes/Yodel instead. I know they're supposed to be bigger nobs than Wiggle but they're usually OK in our neighborhood luckily/somehow.

  • I pay the £9.99 fee and just pick the delivery option that’s most convenient. They haven’t got a lot wrong for me over the years and they’ve sorted some warranty issues out fine. I don’t mind buying from them online as I have friends who work at the head office. The overnight delivery hasn’t been as consistent during the current troublesome times but it’s been good enough.

  • Yesterday I wanted some bits so ordered, wanted them quickly and realised wiggle plus was £5 more for a year than the next day delivery cost. So took out a wiggle plus subscription.

    Got the message yesterday the order had been dispatched for delivery next day - yay!

    Oh FFS they have used My cunting Herpes, did it arrive? Did it fuck.

  • Just had an email, apparently I wasn’t in. Fuck Hermes are shit cunts

  • Ordered some wheels from Wiggle. I got a DHL delivery notice earlier than anticipated - today instead of Wednesday. When a tiny box turned up at my door I was very confused. Some poor sod from the Highland's has had his MTB jersey, shorts and socks sent to me. My wheels are somewhere in the U.S. at a DHL hub sitting in customs, but somehow this stuff got sent to me, too. Dispatched two days after my wheels no less. It also has a Yodel label on it so I have no idea how a DHL label with my address got slapped on it. Funnily, the MTB stuff is from Chain Reaction, not even Wiggle. Obviously they now share a warehouse but very unusual.

    Just hope my wheels turn up by their anticipated delivery date of Wednesday!

  • Still no sign of my order, have told them to cancel and refund as I have ordered from elsewhere.

  • Ah well, these things happen. Lynskey sent the frameset I'd ordered to the wrong country, addressed to the wrong person. 6 weeks after I ordered a frameset they claimed to have in stock.

  • I mean, in Wiggle's defense, they've done nothing wrong. I know my wheels are going to be with me at some point this week and wasn't expecting them yet anyway - delivery in under a week - from the U.K. - with free delivery. I have no complaints there. Just feel sorry for the bloke in Scotland! I tried to find him online but had no luck.

  • Who do you know at the head office? Used to work there so might know them.

  • Andy Shackel and Richard Pearman (now gone).

  • Wiggle and chain reaction are the same thing. Though I only order from wiggle coz loyalty discount.

  • I mean, to be pedantic, no they’re not.

    Just because they merged and share a warehouse doesn’t mean they’re the same merchant. Wiggle and CRC are both distinct brands owned by WiggleCRC.

    When you order something from wiggle - your product has a Wiggle label on it. When you order from CRC - your product has a CRC label on it. But mine had both 🤪

    I contacted Wiggle to let them know what happened almost a week ago but am yet to hear back. So, there’s a CRC customer somewhere wondering where his £300 worth of Troy Lee Designs stuff is... and he probably hasn’t had a response from CRC yet.

  • Asked them to price match a component, got a reply saying "sorry, we only price match on these listed competitors", one being the website I asked them to price match to

    Top service.

  • Opened my order to this...

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  • Not mine, too grey.

  • not mine, far too short

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Wiggle are being Nobs

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