Wiggle are being Nobs

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  • Have wiggle fully ditched Collect+ now? Just placed a big ol' order, only to find the collect option is now with 'Doddle', with the closest collection point being 2 miles away. Rather than round the corner.


  • It doesn’t appear as one of the shipping options anymore. Bugger.

  • Not specifically Wiggle. But defiantly Doddle. Now they are using the Rebound returns engine most returns options are chargeable it seems.
    When I put in my work post code I am offered an Asda 3 miles away on a dual carriageway, this means going up and round said road to get in the car park. If I put in my home postcode (6 miles from work) I am offered a Morrison’s which is 500 yards from the office.
    Who on earth programs these mapping lookups?

  • defiantly

    Is this a really common uncaught autocorrect fail, or are there really whole bunch of people out there who don't know the difference between defiant and definite?

  • It’s autoconnect (sic) issues

  • Definitely autocollect.

  • Defiantly autocollect


  • What a way of ruining a joke.

    OK, it may not have been that good in the first place. :)

  • Wiggle just sent me back the stem that i just sent back to them.

    It was the wrong stem the first time round, i look forward to them sending it back to me soon with some more Haribo.

  • We've entered the Infinite Haribo Loop™

  • I wanted Haribo but instead have a large bottle of Bondi Sands fake tanning milk with my FSA BB30 install/removal tools and Rotor BB

  • I had no Haribo in my last order

  • Wiggle are being nobs for sending me a scratched frame. The box indicates it's been returned once already. Now of course I have no idea why that other customer has returned it, but... the cynic in me thinks it was due to the exact same reason.

    Now I have the hassle of having to make sure Yodel can collect the package at some point during the day tomorrow. And I don't have the frame I wanted.... they're not getting the Haribo back, that's for sure!

    (Oh and btw, aren't they supposed to protect their customers' addresses by maybe NOT leaving a customer's name and full address sticking to the side of a box they're sending out to a different customer?)

  • Now of course I have no idea why that other customer has returned it

    Write to them and ask? (The customer that is, since you've got their full name and address.)

  • Sigma provide Haribo!

  • That thought had crossed my mind. But in the end, I'm not going to get anything out of it even if my hunch is correct - there is no way I can warn the next customer who'd buy the same frame again.

    And of course, it is possible that that customer returned it for an unrelated reason, and the frame got scratched either by him, or Wiggle themselves when processing the return. The scratch is not huge and it isn't immediately obvious, but once you know it's there, it's hard to miss too...

  • That's where my replacement frame is now coming from, so... that's good news :)

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Wiggle are being Nobs

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