Wiggle are being Nobs

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  • I know they don't do platinum discount on top of sale prices and I'm not surprised. But it's quite misleading, as from memory, sale items don't claim that they are giving you a platinum discount.

    Looking at it, it seems to be a glitch as a random selection of sale items I've looked at don't claim to be a platinum price, only this one.

  • Not entirely 'nobbish' but it looks like things are changing a little at Wiggle and CRC with regard to returns.
    Historically, if I wanted clothing I'd buy multiple sizes and return what didn't fit.
    Similarly sometimes I'd buy something, keep it in it's box for a few months and decide I didn't want it and return it.
    I've always used the free Royal Mail service to do this (directly from the RM site).
    Now looks like they've partnered with some new company so you ONLY get free returns by using Asda. If you select any other option (including RM) you have to pay.
    It stands to reason that they shouldn't have to pay for your returns (unless faulty) but we've had it good for a few years and now it looks like things are going to be a little trickier. Especially for folk who don't live near an asda.....
    The free return option is still available on the RM website but I imagine it'll be removed at some point.

  • I just returned a load of clothing using Collect Plus? It's changed a bit how you do it but there were a number of carriers I could choose from.

  • Not sure how long it will last but you can still create a free returns label here - https://www.collectplus.co.uk/wiggle

  • Another wiggle order with hermes has now gone absolutely tits up. I'm just going to cancel any future orders with hermes; not worth the hassle. Happy to pay a bit extra to actually get a delivery, unlike this time, where the parcel has disappeared to 'parceloffice', which literally could be anywhere. But is certainly not my house.

  • https://stolengoat.com/why-stolen-goat-s­topped-selling-to-wiggle/

    More of a brand positioning for SG rather than Wiggle themselves

  • SG is dead naff though.

  • Happy to pay a bit extra to actually get a delivery


  • I just returned a load of clothing using Collect Plus? It's changed a bit how you do it but there were a number of carriers I could choose from.

    I also can only return for free through Asda now. Feltham Asda. Ugh.

  • Yup. Which has seriously curbed my Wiggle buying! I'm now having to think very seriously as to whether I can be arsed with the hassle or expense of returning stuff before I make a purchase.
    Used to be, buy whatever you want; anything you don't keep - stick on a royal mail label (for free) and drop it off at the PO on my route home.
    Now it's a whole different kettle of fish. If I go to Asda, firstly there's a good chance that shoes, helmets, wheels anything large definitely isn't going to fit in the designated 'returns bin'. Secondly, you have to press a couple of buttons on a touch screen and 'wait' for a member of staff to come and print you a label.
    The one time I tried this I looked at the bin and thought, 'this box aint fitting in there!' and then after standing around like a goon for ten minutes just fucked off and went home and paid for a royal mail label.
    Obviously the higher ups at Wiggle who struck this fantastic deal with Asda have likely never actually been to an Asda......

  • Maybe it's a generational thing but I've never done the 'just buy stuff and return things you don't want to keep' thing.

    The only returns I've ever done are faulty or incorrect items. I've never returned something because I decided I don't want/need it.

    Maybe the change reflects the massive cost that shipping and processing returns puts on the retailers, and rather than price this into every item for sale the shift is to make it less easy to do for the consumer.

  • Yeah me neither. Always confuses me when my girlfriend orders £200 worth of clothes online and then returns absolutely all of it. I only ever return stuff that doesn't fit/ doesn't work. If I didn't want it, I wouldn't have bought it.

  • Sizing varies so much between brands (and even styles of the same brand) that I'll very often buy two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit

  • Well, at least she doesn't order stuff from Rapha, find it doesn't fit, and then just leave it to mature gently on my sofa until long after the 90 day return period has expired. Unlike some other people I could mention. #nonamesnopackdrill

  • Nope, I have done that. Guilty.

  • Ordered new panniers yesterday (Sunday) at 3pm.
    Free delivery with Collect+ at local newsagent.
    Just got a text to say they're ready for collection.


  • New rebound returns process used for the first time today. Wish they’d chosen Waitrose rather than Asda. Seriously though it is rubbish so must be considerably cheaper than Collect+

  • Looks like Wiggle have stopped bothering to keep any stock. I went on their site this morning to buy 6 things, all fairly unexceptional, and they had exactly one of them in stock. Happily Sigma had them all in stock, so screw you Wiggle.

  • A second wiggle delivery in a row had vanished - they investigated and said it had ‘been misplaced inside Hermes’ delivery system’ or something, which I guess is shorthand for ‘we don’t pay our drivers enough so yeah occasionally they steal a packet or two, whataboutit?’.

    Guess I have to stop shopping with them until I move house.

  • I had the unfortunate pleasure of using reboundbvia Asda to return 3 items today.

    Honestly the worst service ever - self service point didn’t work and the woman running it was amazingly rude

  • That’s Asda tho, innit? Dreadful places. I had to use one the other week in Stamford Hill and the woman was reasonably efficient but why Asda, ffs?

  • Bought a Force 22 RHS lever/front brake combo. Opened the parcel and the box was opened, found a returns sheet inside from a previous customer with address etc (surely a breach of GDPR?) and a LHS lever/front brake combo.

    The cynic in me thinks someone has bought a left front lever cheap, bought a right front lever at full price and returned the left front in the box for full refund, effectively saving themselves £150.

    There goes my plan of building the bike up this weekend!

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  • Agreed it's a bit shit. But maybe take your name / address / telephone number off the public forum, just in case?

  • Done, the address is a collection point, but didn't notice the phone number!

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Wiggle are being Nobs

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