Wiggle are being Nobs

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  • made the same mistake with Evans and called them as soon as I went ouch I forgot my voucher again... they amended the order no problem. I really should stop shopping under the influence of drugs... (all legal before anyone jumps to conclusion)

  • Just seen Wiggle have reduced something that I purchased on Friday by £25. I've asked for a voucher - has anyone ever done the same and had success? Just trying to save the hassle of buying again and returning the one I have...

  • Not tried Wiggle but I did get CRC to cough up in similar fashion earlier in the year.

    Having considered it before though I came to the conclusion that with Wiggle the best bet is usually to order again and return the original order. They even have this in their 'reason for return' bit on the returns page where you can say that the item was reduced in price after purchase. Must happen a lot.

  • Yeah I figured that might be the case. It's a pain for sure, would have thought it'd be better for all parties not to go through the bother of returning.

  • Yes, they rely on people not bothering because posting it back is a hassle, as is possibly removing the item (if it has been fitted) and possibly being without something whilst you wait for the newer delivery (although there's nothing stopping you getting the new one delivered before returning the old one).

  • I almost gave up my returning my order today, I had to print a lable for each item... but I thought fuck you Wiggle, took me 30 mins in total...

  • Update - I have to return the jacket and buy it again.


  • Being reported that Wiggle are acquiring Chain Reaction Cycles - seems unlikely, but who knows?


  • Maybe joining forces to compete against ze the Germans?

  • Wonder how much market share they have each? Competition commission>>>

  • Probably not that much when you take into account Evans, Halfords, Sports Direct, Argos, ...

  • Wonder how much market share they have each? Competition commission>>>

    If the single market means anything, their market share needs to be considered in the context of the whole EU, so ze the Germans are part of that calculation too.

  • What are Wiggle buying then? The article alludes to CRC's international sales. Is that what they are after?

  • As I understand, they're buying CRC. Who have a much larger international presence.

  • Does International mean Ireland? CRC are big on the Emerald.

  • Even in India people know of CRC (and evans) more than wiggle

  • As I understand, they're buying CRC.

    Well, yes. Of course :) My point was...why. It's not for marketing, it's not for tech, it's not for UK customers, it's (probably) not for access to sub markets within cycling although I guess CRC's engagement with the MTB crowd could be worth having.

    Who have a much larger international presence.

    So they are buying international customers. Coolio.

  • Nuke Proof, Ragley, Vitus and X-Lite fall under CRC ownership.

  • CRC sponsor races in Australia. That's how big their mail order operation is due to some rather favourable tax on imports.

  • And CRC do BMX stuff, think Wiggle stock a few complete bikes but no parts or accessories.

    The most important question of course is, will we start getting Haribo in our CRC orders?

  • Nobody goes cycling in India.

  • Last two Wiggle orders. NO HARIBO.

  • Clearly. Otherwise why would I have a KOM!?

  • I don't even like Haribo, yet get sent tonnes of the stuff.

    Wiggle must be run by cats.

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Wiggle are being Nobs

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