Wiggle are being Nobs

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  • so, everyone's favorite online bike store aren't being so nice.

    I ordered a saddle on tuesday, at lunchtime. according to their delivery terms, it sohould have been here next morning.
    well, it wasn't, but ok, fair enough, they use royal mail, and charge less for delivery. but, it doesn't come the next day either.
    On friday, it hasn't shown up with the post, so i email them, and get told to 'wait 10 days to make sure'.


    anyway, then, weirdly, it turns up at 5pm, which is very odd.

    so, it's the wrong colour saddle -white, when i ordered black.

    I email them and say ' for god's sake', and they say to send it back using the returns proceedure and i'll eventually be refunded, then i can order again. wonderful. So i say ' that's just not good enough, offer me some kind of discount, at least.' they do, after all, send out discount codes routinely, willy nilly. they say no, tough shit.

    thanks wiggle!

  • I ordered there 5 times and always got splendid next day delivery

  • the last time i shopped at wiggle i bought an abus lock...when i received it it was broken.so i emailed them and explained the situation,they told me to send it back, i got a refund and a £10 discount code.
    i was happy with their service

  • well, that's the kind of service i would have expected, certainly. not quite sure what's going on..

  • maybe they got pissed at you emailing questions every 5 minutes so decided to make you suffer.

  • i emailed them after a couple of days to ask where the order was.

    then, naturally, i emailed them when i discovered they had sent the wrong bloody thing. hardly 'every five minutes'.

    anyway, now they have given me a £3 discount, to cover me repackaging and posting off their mistaken order. fuck that.

    I am an internet retailer myself, and would never treat a customer in such a manner.

  • I wonder how many items you got from wiggle without a problem before one went wrong.
    I order from them all the time and have no difficulties.

    Maybe its a one off.

    Toodle pip.

  • I ordered a chainring in Aug. Not here yet. But they tell me all the time when they expect it and I could cancel the order.
    Every other order from them has been painless. I like wiggle.

  • nimhbus

    I am an internet retailer myself, and would never treat a customer in such a manner.

    selling "schoolgirl's used panties" on Japanese ebay doesn't really count

  • RPM [quote]nimhbus

    I am an internet retailer myself, and would never treat a customer in such a manner.

    selling "schoolgirl's used panties" on Japanese ebay doesn't really count[/quote]

    Bugger, that's me out then

    Toodle pip.

  • prob just a one off. they're usually excellent with delivery times. lately ive noticed that pricing in a lot of their items cost bit more if not the same as LBS prices. now, i only go there for discounted stuff...

  • I ordered a load of stuff there a couple of weeks ago, including a track pump, so they sent it with City Link, who for some reason claimed to have attempted delivery 5 days in a row and left cards, but they never left cards, or buzzed the buzzer. So after some fighty emails with wiggle, wiggle got city link to return to sender and wiggle said I'd get my money back. But I am still waiting for my refund.

    So it's CRC for me for online stuff now.

  • City link are crap. They claim to have "left cards" when I have waited in all day specially.

    Wiggle rock, City (shitty) link suck.

    Toodle pip.

  • City Link are a wonderful, wonderful organisation. You know it's going to be a fast, smooth transation when you hear city link will be involved.

  • yeah. Well, i've used wiggle for years. So for small items that would ship by RoyalFail I'll probably still use them. Bur for large stuff, CRC or LBS.

  • that's funny..

    I've been using wiggle for over five years, and spent hundreds, large and small things, but I don't think they've ever used City-Stink.

    maybe they are so busy this time of year that they use lots of couriers, and since the royal fail strikes maybe they stuck with the others?

    not that I've got any money to spend on bike bits, but I'll bear it in mind.

    I don't mind wandering down to the royal mail pick up point, but the city-stink office* is a ride away, and they are really shit it takes ages and there's no proper place to tie your bike up.

    *it's just near the "Sunhill" police station, as used in that TV programme: The Filth.

  • City Link, If you live at a place with more than once residence It's their policy not to leave
    cards even though their system will claim they have left one.

  • Wiggle have dicked me around just enough times over the years, that I try to avoid them at all costs now. I think there are a few wankers on the staff team that spoil it for everyone else.

    CRC wee on them from a great height.

  • From such a great height that it becomes hot with the great velocity and burns their wiggly eyes.

  • Yeah

  • wiggle's 'priority despatch' annoys me a bit. it SOUNDS like you're paying for a faster delivery option, but you're not. you're paying for them to dig it out of the warehouse faster. well - shouldn't it all be done fast?
    anyway, there's no option for fast delivery, everything goes by royal mail, like it or not. Not even 'signed for delivery'. so there's no way of tracking the order, and no resposibility for them, once they have posted it. they can just shrug and say ' well, it's in the post, init'

    which isn't quite good enough, really.

  • easy soloution. dont buy online.
    go to a real shop and get them to get it if they dont have it!

  • Check out their December special range, they've got a full carbon bike for £799, reduced from £1000! Unfortunately sold out of large, but they've got mediums and smalls.

  • oh, great. that's ok then.

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Wiggle are being Nobs

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