Anyone have a Wiggle discount code / voucher?

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  • i love you long time.

  • Imtightsogivemecheappartsyoubastards

  • computer says no

  • You could try using the old: "TENPO-UNDS!" one?

  • too late.

    spent my wad

  • yeah, the Ten ponds! one had expired.

    never mind

  • obz11
    will get you 11% off and
    just incase :)

  • Just email them with a spare email address signing up to the email newsletter. Gets a £5 off voucher everytime.

    Bottom left (Wiggle eNewsletter)­=cycle&ReferID=googwig

  • Any value... although obviously I'd love higher ones :)

  • think this one expires today

    Here's your £5 eVoucher code: 9ab38-aa7b4

    This voucher is only valid on orders over £50 and expires 7 days
    from today.

    The team at wiggle

  • Thanks.

    Used one already.

    It doesn't let you use two at once, for shame. But I have my fiver off.

    For the record, multiple people can use each voucher... might as well just publish them.

  • for some reason, i haven't been able to access for a few months now, on any browser. it just eventually times out. what's up with that?

  • did you get one sorted vb? i have one but can't access hotmail from this work pc. will pm you tonight if still needed

  • Yup, used my own one in fact from last week... thought I'd try it and it worked. Which proves the codes are multi-use within the time frame that they are valid.

  • same one i used?

  • Yup.

  • bump....anyone got one? mine just expired, damn

  • Nimhbus..........nice.......use of ........!......or is your breathing......a tad.........suspect?

  • anyone got a current voucher?

  • AEUNX-VD7GU should have £5 life in it for the next 48 hrs

  • thanks !

  • MRR86-VJW8L

    £5 off orders over £25 - valid until the 16th

  • bump...anyone got a current voucher?

  • A current voucher would be pretty useful and would be greatly appreciated!

  • and another bump - i'd really appreciate a £5 voucher if anyone has one (and i see the note above about multiple people being able to use them).

    thanks in advance :-)

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Anyone have a Wiggle discount code / voucher?

Posted by Avatar for nimhbus @nimhbus