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  • Dude!

    That must've been a UK thing.

  • POC copies (with extra "blue" lens, insert and case) £10 from AliExpress. Presciption lenses fitted by Reglazemyspecs for £10 including postage to and from them.

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  • what was the total cost on those? And do the lenses darken and lighten dependent on the lighting conditions?

    Had to replace some bolle vortex, and delayed purchasing the prescription inserts for the two pairs I'd got off ebay for small beer, as I wasn't doing much riding during lockdown.

    Went to my opticians a couple of weeks back (who are bolle stockists) to finally sort them and was told that bolle had discontinued the models that used prescription inserts, and discontinued the inserts themselves to move customers onto the hellishly expensive new style prescription lenses.

    So long story short, looking for replacement options in case I manage to lose/break/destroy the two pairs I've currently got..

  • Similarly interested in this...never gone to the effort of getting prescription sunglasses but would be interested if there was affordable options

  • £20 for absolutely everything. Shades from AliExpress, prescription lenses from reglazemyspecs.

    Nothing fancy about the shades lenses, just tinted and two different colours. UV protection on the prescription lenses as standard.

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  • fuck me thats super cheap, let me know how you get on, and whether they start to deteriorate/feel cheaper than expected.

  • They feel sturdy/heavy. But then I've no experience of genuine brands to compare. Will let you know. Impressed by the positioning of the insert though

  • Are there only certain shaped lenses that reglazing place will do or will they do more or less anything? I'm very tempted to copy you and get some cheap specs from ali express and get prescription lenses added!

  • That’s insanely cheap! I’ve never heard of them but great tip.
    Did you not need to send the pupil measurement too?

  • Dunno, take a look at their website

  • That was on my prescription anyway but I imagine they would need it. I just send them a photo of mine. Or if you are replacing lenses in existing frames, they can ger the prescription from the existing lenses.

  • I had a similar Fake poc set up, the glasses are still going, the insert lasted about 2 years before snapping.

  • +1 for the fake POCs. Mine fitted the kosher lenses too. Shame one of my kids lost them earlier this year. I have a spare insert gratis, if you want it?

  • If you don't know it you can send an old pair of specs

  • Test ride today. Felt a bit weird to start with but I think it's because the insert puts the lenses closer to my eyes than my regular specs. That and they are more curved. But I soon didn't really notice. The weight wasn't an issue either. I found myself reaching to push them up my nose but I think that was just out of habit as they didn't slip.

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  • I've just clocked that it's an insert rather than the outer lens that's prescription. I've just ordered some dodgy £12 frames with a similar setup that I'll do the same with. Thanks for the inspiration!

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