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  • 😳😳😳 deffo would

  • 2016 is clearly all about looking ridiculous.

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  • Are those the real ones or did you aliexpress?

  • Aliexpress

  • I might get that colour. Comes With slightly different lenses than the black pair I have.

  • I ordered a pair of these last week, interested to find out how they are.

  • The white frames have green arms, which I wasn't expecting.

  • If anyone has white arms and wishes to swap, let me know.

  • Cannondale ripoff, innit.
    I thought I was ordering a gunmetal black/grey, but they arrived in a deep purple. Which is ace.

  • Possibly an Engrish reading fail on my part - do the fake Pocs come with just the one lense, and if so do you get to choose which?

  • The Aliexpress one? My experience has been that you choose a frame colour and you get all the lenses. That's the way it's been for my Okley-Dokelys

  • I got 3 with mine. A yellow tint, a mirrored finish and the one above. I didn't specify a frame colour so have them in white and orange. I regularly wear them around the house to make me feel special.

  • I got five lenses in total plus an insert for prescription lenses.

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  • I like the green. Although I bet it clashes with all your bikes.

  • Out of interest which shipping option did you go for? The free service or pay extra?

  • Erm, free I expect.

    @Aroogah yep, does indeed.

  • Very good running glasses- stand off the face enough so they don't fog when you stop for traffic etc

  • Interesting they come with the prescription insert, might have to get a set. Think I have the same type of insert.

  • sorely tempted by a pair of these FOCs or joakleys from alasdair express now. hmmm

  • 2016 is clearly all about looking ridiculous.

    Nah, that hair and beard looks okay m8.

  • Has anyone cycled in Oakley Frogskins ? Does the frame get in the way of your vision at all ? Considering the Fauxley version to try them out

  • Frogskins are a good allrounder, not a super wide size unlike some oakleys and tend to fit quite closely, where have you spotted the fakes?

  • I have a pair which I use for commuting and rides around town. Fit well under helmet but tend to get sweaty on longer rides due to close fit. The way the legs are attached to the frame are a bit flimsy tho, just a bump and tend to snap off.

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