Waterproof overshoes

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  • Seasonal discussion topic, along with mudguards.

    When I got them back on this morning, my shoes were still wet from last night - a lovely start to my ride. Can anyone recommend some overshoes (or point me to previous threads)?

    1) Waterproof
    2) Warm
    3) Reflective
    4) Inexpensive


  • Endura. Here they are for 17.59

    And if your shoes get wet, stuff screwed up balls of newspaper in them as soon as you get home. Leave 'em for a few hours and the paper draws all the water out of the shoe.

  • Yeah I know this. However just cos I know this, didn't stop me from being a lazy @rse last night and not doing it.

    This morning's ride has convinced me to do it tonight! (I'm predicting rain). Cheers Willski

  • The Altura ones, likewise. They're massive, though.

  • I was mincing about in On Yer Bike at London bridge on the weekend between pubs and saw said overshoes...

    Possibly the most hilarious attire one could wear.

  • This is true, but if you are out for even just a n hour or two in heavy rain they can be worth it.

    Not for style though.

  • I ride so fast the rain doesn't touch me.. I'm like the Matrix

  • Cooool

  • so the rain looks binary?

  • 0101010000010101100001010101010101

    pretty much like that, it's a trip!

  • what about plastic bags!

  • dogsballs what about plastic bags!

    Nice and breathable.

  • Winter is not about steez.

    I'm thinking about some understated full guard mudguards (or "fenders" if you want to call a spade a shovel) plus these overshoes. It'd look hilarious if I do end up white powdercoating the DT Swiss rims I've just bought (your comments about the weight of my bike have gotten to me).

  • I got These dhb. They're ok but overshoes are a bit of a pita and the rain seeps down into them.

    If you fit a front mudguard and it doesn't go low enough you just spray more wet onto your shoes.

  • CHUG_IT 0101010000010101100001010101010101

    pretty much like that, it's a trip!

    you forgot the extra 0 at the end, you just posted "patchy fog with ground frost"…


    bloody amateurs! :-P

  • CHUG_IT .. I'm like the Matrix

    we all live inside of you but don't know it?

  • Bought a pair of overshoes for the first time on the weekend. Personally I reckon they look alright. Must be just me.

    The problem was that I wore them on Monday and my shoes still got completely soaked. It was bucketing down, sure, but I thought that's exactly what they were for.

    So now I'll only be wearing them when it's dry

  • I wore my cheap neopream ones on tuesday night, ended up being out about 1.5 - 2 hr in the evening, rain the entire time the water had got through but the top of my shoes where only a little wet and still dry outside.

  • Stinking, wet shoes are the sign of a dedicated cyclist.. I choose not to use overshoes for this reason.
    Actually, I just wanted to say "choose not to use overshoes". :P

  • Ha I think I compensated yesterday by not wearing any waterproof gear in the rain and just got soaked, but it was warmer yesterday so no problem.

  • Yeah, it's heaps warmer when it's raining and there's cloud cover to hold in some warmth.
    It's those clear "i'm thinking about snowing on yo' ass" kinda nights that the jacket is a godsend.

  • I have the DHB ones and they are ok, all overshoes let water in from the top, unless you have thick legs or wear under waterproofs, but they keep your feet warm.
    Had a set of neoprene freebies, and they were cool - untill the velcro stopped sticking!!! Get zip ones.

  • i don't bother with heavy duty rain jackets, trousers or that stuff. i have a lightweight showerproof jacket, which was fine for say last night in the drizzle, but if it's raining raining, you get wet no matter what!.

  • My Raceface waterproof keeps me dry in the heavy stuff, and I mean torrential! But never used waterproof trews?
    But wet legs dont bother me, as long as the top part is dry.... or get one of these?

  • on-one.co.uk ar doing a pair of gloves, beanie hat and overshoes all in for £25.

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Waterproof overshoes

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