West Beers : Every Thursday @ Red Lion Ealing, W5 5RA

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  • Good to hear from you!
    Must be a busy time for you & your employer.
    As if we need, or deserve, any explanations.
    WFH working out OK?

  • Very busy!

    WFH is alright thanks. Don’t miss the commute but lots of challenges especially with the kids, homeschooling etc. while trying to work.

    Hope you folks are all well.

  • I know its not as warm as I'd like, but yes. hopefully @itsbruce could turn up as well? and we can talk to each other

  • I know its not as warm as I'd like, but yes. hopefully @itsbruce could turn up as well? and we can talk to each other

  • Is the early-ish start at Acton Park, presumably, still on. I'll be on foot as it is so close to home.

  • Yes, last week I was deceived by the weather.
    Definitely an extra layer,
    for the socially distanced standing around.
    I'm presuming everyone can find food to choice either along Acton High Street
    or Churchfield Road, (home to Pint of Hops)?

  • Plenty of options at eastern end of park and along Uxbridge Road/Acton High Street but the only personal recommendation from me is kebab place opposite Birkbeck Road at western end of park. It does me when I'm very lazy and can't be arsed cooking.

    Pizza delivery, from Dominoes, might be an option.

  • That worked out well.
    Still yet to meet the C-19 quoracy of 6,
    but great to see @hamrack
    Pint of Hops continues to have a great range of beers
    and thumb up for Pizzeria Hadrian's.

  • Wednesday evening bump.

  • Tomorrow:
    @ffm @hamrack @hippy @Sifta
    @skydancer @moorhen
    @NorthLondonLight @Regal @Alex_Ch
    @seager @jdmitch
    @SwissChap @morgasm
    @thebrenthamtaffy @ChewyCheeks
    @fasih @timages
    Weather forecast not as resolutely dry as previous two weeks.
    I didn't notice any cover beyond the boughs of trees in Acton Park last week,
    I'm willing to try the early-ish start again.
    +/-17.45 Acton Park is the current suggestion,
    I'm all ears for anything better.

  • Weather now supposedly clement after 5pm.

    Top tip from both @NorthLondonLight and Google Maps,
    avoid the pasta dishes at Pizzeria Hadrian.

  • After this mornings deluge the unobscured Sun
    dries the roads & pavements of the Glory that is Ruislip.

  • Last night worked well.
    I took the opportunity to walk down Churchfield Road,
    and found L'Oriental, a Lebanese place, of course, only offering take out.
    The proprietor has enjoyed The Shutdown.
    He has (unsurprisingly) never had a 10-week gap in his working life before.
    He reconnected with his offspring, (18 & 20yo), and found time to redecorate
    the premises. I can recommend the felalfel wrap at £4.

    Note Acton Park is locked at 10pm, but there is a (n all-night?)
    pedestrian exit.

  • Tomorrow?

  • In.

  • A late Thursday morning bump;
    @ffm @hamrack @hippy @Sifta
    @skydancer @moorhen
    @NorthLondonLight @Regal @Alex_Ch
    @seager @jdmitch
    @SwissChap @morgasm
    @thebrenthamtaffy @ChewyCheeks
    @fasih @timages

    Venue: Acton Park/ Churchfield Road, (for 'Pint of Hops'. Pizzeria Hadrian', 'L'Oriental' Lebanese wraps).
    Time: 17.45 +/- 15 mins.
    Looks like it will be a glorious evening.
    @hamrack: noted.

  • Anyone else fancy giving it a shake all about? This is likely my last Wests while still living West!

  • I've been delving through the West's archives.
    Apparently, as you are leaving, we are meant to deface the tattoo,
    you hand in the 'Team West' t-shirt, (you can keep the spoke cards),
    and your name is removed from the Wests list for the LFGSS Summer cap.
    Signing up with another Compass Drinks retains your position in the list
    for the Forum book.
    A couple of (purely) Ceremonial chants from @skydancer (as the most OG West'ener),
    and you'll be on your way.

  • Glad I get to retain my position on the list for the Forum Book. I eagerly await its arrival!
    I'll still try to make a few trips each summer as train timetables allow :)

  • I eagerly await its arrival!

    Show that much enthusiasm elsewhere on the Forum,
    rather than this backwater,
    and you'll end up being voted in as 'Editor'.

  • Seriously peeved at not being able to make it today, but family duties are keeping me at home.

  • Your company would have been appreciated,
    but, you did at least miss an almost complete circumnavigation of Acton Park
    as we searched for an unlocked gate.
    We eventually issued onto a fairly traffic-free Uxbridge Road.

    Note for carnivores: @NorthLondonLight recommends the lamb kebab wrap from L'Oriental.
    This accompanies my thumbs up for the Felafel wrap.

  • I might be making a very quick visit next week to collect some Bay leaves, so you never know what you might find!

  • Wests is happening tonight it seems. PoH

  • You and @skydancer bump into each other at Pint of Hops?

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West Beers : Every Thursday @ Red Lion Ealing, W5 5RA

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