West Beers : Every Thursday @ Red Lion Ealing, W5 5RA

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  • @moorhen
    Ran out of time yesterday.
    Just phoned. Kamil currently shutting at 5pm.
    I can still get there, just about, to get whichever Lebanese pizzas you require.
    We have previously bought them, driven home taking around 45 minutes, and then eaten them.
    Still delicious at luke warm.
    Any other takers?
    What time at The Castle?

  • Moorhen is still at work so it's unlikely we'll get to Kamil by 5. Not sure when she's back now.
    Will update when I know more.

  • Will be at the castle about 7.30

  • Well I made it!
    3 kishek
    2 zaatar
    2 lamb (hiss boo)
    3 ayrans,
    in the rucksack.
    Where/when are we meeting?

  • You will be most welcome,
    Isn't nw10 @jdmitch territory?

  • Still no moorhen...

  • 9 min away from me by bike... and I need to go to that asda by park royal anyways... who's meeting up? I have the inlaws in town later, so now is actually better for me... Quick one at the Grand Junction Arms by the canal while you wait @mespilus? Zaatar for me if you are still at Kamil's ;)

  • I'm heading to the castle now.

  • Just enjoyed a canal-side pint of St Austell with @jdmitch at the Grand Junction.

    @skydancer see you at The Castle.
    'heading to' from home or work?

  • At the castle now. Sitting bike watching at the front. Noisy inside

  • And now at The Castle with @skydancer

    Looks like the old Chesebrough Ponds site 'Perfume Factory' is no more

  • Well, well, well,
    Wests nearly made a quorum.

    The Castle has a facebook page for those who want to save it, @skydancer has the details.
    @moorhen cool electric(!) Moulton.

    Good to speak to @ChewyCheeks again.
    We can all claim to work at a bakers. Where are the edible samples?

    Some background reading on Middlesex;

  • #spamalert

    Old Skool Westies assemble!

    Some of you may have seen on FB, or heard from us direct, but Rob and I are leaving London and heading to pastures new in Bath!
    Hopefully for a good time, possibly a long time...

    Before we do, we'd love to share one last knees up with as many of you as possible, on Sat 1st Sept from 2pm onwards.

    Venue is weather dependent but Kennington-centric (not too far south, for those of you from, uggh, north of the river):

    First Choice: Tramp beers in Kennington Park if it's nice out.
    Plan B1: Full price beers in The White Bear (Kennington Park Road) if the weather isn't playing ball.
    Plan B2: The Red Lion pub is slightly further up the road, if the White Bear proves problematic, or we get bored.

    We might also decamp to the Prince of Wales pub in Cleaver Square for a game of Petanque, if the mood takes us. We're fickle beasts.

    Bikes, other halves, kids, dogs etc. all welcome, but not sure how the latter two work if we end up at the pub :|

    Nearest stations:
    Vauxhall (National Rail, Victoria line)
    Kennington (Northern Line)
    E&C (Northern, Bakerloo and National Rail)

    Hope to see you there!

  • I plane forgot about that conversation

  • An evening at Wests does get through a lot of topics.
    Hope to locate, at least, one tree to sample the fruit in the majestic Ruislip Woods.

  • Wests on a Saturday afternoon.
    A thesis-writing stircrazy hamrack messaged me to suggest a meet up after he had cruised up a few Chiltern hills.

    We met at The Aquadrome
    for reviving coffee'n'cakes
    then he-manned it up the Ricky Road into Harefield then lost our gained altitude for river & canalside beers at the Coy Carp,

    @hamrack. Forgot to mention, until I finished it off on Sunday, that (at least) one of the free water dispensers in The Cafe in the Park issues refreshing soda water.

    Then followed the A412 down to Denham Green, up Moorhall Road to view the concrete batching works for HS2 then rolled downhill into Ickenham for hamrack's Metropolitan line tube train.

  • This week?

    @fasih @ffm @hamrack @hippy @Oliver Schick @Sifta
    @skydancer @moorhen
    @thebrenthamtaffy @ChewyCheeks

    Venue? Time?
    Support The Castle, (maybe trying the beergarden),
    back to the Thames?

  • Out. Thu is like my only day to train this week. Need to shock the legs back into generating some powah!

  • Awaiting Friday morning posts detailing beer & pizza consumption.

  • Wife is filming tomorrow so I'm cargo biking, followed by kid & dog juggling. Makes me sound like a clown... :)

  • I got a 2x20 done last night and then had beers with @frank9755
    I'm sure he can probably vouch for my -moist- appearance on arrival.
    Not my best recovery but maybe not my worst either :)

  • Bring them along, sure we can find a pub with a creche.

  • After last week's near quorum, are we calling this week a blank?

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West Beers : Every Thursday @ Red Lion Ealing, W5 5RA

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